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Subj: Re: The Heraldbuster Class
Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 at 11:49:40 am EDT (Viewed 2 times)
Reply Subj: The Heraldbuster Class
Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 at 09:23:53 am EDT (Viewed 158 times)

> Thanks to vermin for bringing this up yesterday.
> Now I want to populate it. Basically, just think of a character who, without too much effort, annihilates a herald character or battles a group of heralds and prime metas.
> Agree/Disagree and add more!
> Thanos (for pwning SS among other)
Don't think there was ever a doubt Thanos was tier ahead of heralds
> Fernus (for pwning Supes among others)
Agreed for pwning a group of JLAers
> Mordru
Haven't followed him enough to say
> Durok
Not enough impressive showings to say for sure has been BFR'd for like a decade or two hasn't he?
> Desak
Too specialized to say but cleaning house on pantheons is impressive. Need to see him outside of that realm to be convinced though.
> Morg WOL
Yup. He's def. in the realm see defeat of all of the previous heralds or man handling at the very least.
> Lord Tantalus
Yup. Black legacy or whatever it's called is like the PC Omegas.
> Titannus
Didn't follow him.
> Cyborg Supes w/rings
If this is permanent w/rings then yes. Otherwise give it to MM or Wonderwoman and they're in the class too.
> PE Zuras
Skyfather at least. Not sure why he's demoted here.
> Tyrant
I must be missing something these last two guys are at least skirting on skyfather level.
> Highfather
Haven't seen anything in combat from Highfather to say for sure.
> Takion
Same as Highfather.
> The Doctor
> Dr. Manhatten
> Solar
> Superboy Prime
Yep herald team annihilator for sure.
> Ion Sodam Yat
> Karnilla
Asgard witch? what's she done above say Hela?
> Monarch
At least.
> Molecule Man
Skirting skyfatherish realm
> HP Doomsday
> Phoenix (GOTG)
> The Void
Verdict still out on Void and Sentry.
> Super Adaptoid
Depends on who he gets around too much to say for sure.
> Amazo
Depends on version Android version is skyfather imo. Namor look alike is at least herald team beater level.
> Annihilus (Annihilation)
> Afro Magus
Reality manipulation is hard to gauge but yeah at least this level.
> Runner
Again other than smacking SS around what's he done?
> Grandmaster
Not enough combat to say. Think most just give him this high a rating based on Elder of Universe title.
> Champion w/gem
No way. He was never able to consciously tap the power gem when he had it (Infinity Quest). If Champ is here Dumb Drax is skyfather level hehe.
> Mangog (recent)
Any version is herald team beater level.
> Destroyer
Same depending on who is inhabiting it could skirt skyfather level.
> Despero (V&V)
Don't care who said what. V&V Despero showed it against multiple herald levelers.

Godstalker-base level potential to be skyfather level with Celestial amping
Warlock- Potentially, Depending on incarnation
Black Adam- Potentially
Jinni- Thor villain
Vartox- At least in hyperbole..need to bring him back with better outfit.
Dark Angel
Elder Demon

All I can think of for now.

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