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Subj: Writeup (please read)
Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 at 12:22:45 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Battle 2
Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 at 12:12:32 pm EDT (Viewed 78 times)

> Place: Africa
> The Awesome: Armor Fati
> #1 Silver Surfer Earth-552 (evil Exiles version)
> #2 Dark Lantern
> #3 Fredd
> Vs.
> The Exuberant: Xero
> #1 Stardust
> #2 Juggernaut
> #3 High Evlolutionary (Herald Version)

1. Silver Surfer Earth-552 (evil Exiles version)

This Surfer turned on Galactus and became an evil killer. He used his board as a giant blade and cut Gladiator in half. He has no compunctions about murder.

2. Dark Lantern

The Dark Lantern was revealed to be a hell bent Kilowog. He is physically superior to any GL and used a big scythe to cleave his opponents.

3. Fredd

Fredd is the evil, alternate version of Genis who showed him his vast potential. He had high end cosmic awareness and massive energy projection and manipulation. He could travel inter-dimensionally as well.



I think Exiles Surfer has the edge on Stardust. Surfer is the most powerful and experienced of Galactus' heralds. It's a good fight but this Surfer is more vicious.

Surfer then has to face Juggernaut. Juggs can't lay a hand on a flying Surfer. Evil Norrin has all day to figure out how to win. He can manipulate the matter around him, slice him in half with his edged board, or just bfr him in several different ways. It's a horrible matchup for Cain.

Surfer now has to fight HE. It depends on how much you think the previous two fights took out of Surfer. Personally, I think the Juggs fight was a breeze and a chance to recoup from the Stardust fight. Regardless, now herald level HE has to face 3 straight brutal opponents.

Xero has a good team but these matchups are very much not in his favor.