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Subj: Good Points, Agree with You.
Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 at 02:31:24 pm EDT (Viewed 95 times)
Reply Subj: BIG difference between Rulk and Kurse.
Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 at 02:21:39 pm EDT (Viewed 126 times)

> First of all, while Rulk is hella strong, I don't know that he is TWICE as strong as Thor, which is at least where Kurse is.
> But more importantly, Kurse is magically powered (or whatever energy the beyonder uses) and can exist in all environments. Rulk had to hold his breath in space!! Even WWH could breath in space. Zap the oxygen, he's done...eventually. Put him in space, HE'S DONE! He can't propel himself and he can't breath. This is NOT the formula for a herald buster.
> I am telling you, Rulk has been VERY effective in his run thus far, but he is still being overrated on this board.

The Red Hulk is a character who's developed his own Legend here and it's very wrong because so much is a complete mystery about him. Too many assumptions are being made.

Kurse was very very powerful, I don't think Thors current power-up is by all that much TBH so your assesment on comparable powerlevels is sound enough for me on the face of it. Magical types always have staggering stamina and durability compared to their counterparts and I guess it depends on whether the Red Hulk turns out to be Flesh & Blood or something else. I don't get the impression Jeph Loebs writes with any absolute scientific accuracy in mind, he just goes for simple thrills and the quick sell so it's all up in the air a bit.