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Subj: Re: BIG difference between Rulk and Kurse.
Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 at 11:58:09 pm EDT
Reply Subj: BIG difference between Rulk and Kurse.
Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 at 02:21:39 pm EDT (Viewed 124 times)

> First of all, while Rulk is hella strong, I don't know that he is TWICE as strong as Thor, which is at least where Kurse is.

That is because we know for a fact that he is. Beyonder said as much, so we have something of a quantitative answer in the matter. RH took Thors shots and beat the crap out of him. I would say with his superiority over everything so far he is well above Thor, 2X his strength he might well be but he is stronger.
> But more importantly, Kurse is magically powered (or whatever energy the beyonder uses) and can exist in all environments. Rulk had to hold his breath in space!! Even WWH could breath in space. Zap the oxygen, he's done...eventually. Put him in space, HE'S DONE! He can't propel himself and he can't breath. This is NOT the formula for a herald buster.

He was talking in space though. At least if I am recalling right and that is tough to do when holding your breath. I could be wrong that he was talking up there but whatever.

I dont find this to be a problem at all, and something ridiculous really. A guy cannot breath in space and that is what holds him back. Nevermind he beat Hulk, Thor, Wendigo, A bomb, She Hulk and Iron Man. Those dont mean anything, just the holding of breath. If you want to use the term herald buster than it must mean a being with the power to take down heralds, probably in groups.

Kurse fits in that, Mangog does, Thanos does and so on. Red Hulk has done nothing but own people, and at least Thor is a herald for sure. Arguments can be made for Hulk (depending on his incarnation and rage level he goes from being pretty darn tough to definatly in the herald class range) and Iron Man. Wendigo has been someone Hulk could never put down either. RH fits above this class.
> I am telling you, Rulk has been VERY effective in his run thus far, but he is still being overrated on this board.

How can you be overrated when all you do is own people? Seriously, this is like the posts hating on SBP a while back. All posts saying character x could just teleprt him into a red star or something like that, ignoring the fact that the guy dominated pretty much everyone and most of the time was not trying that hard.

RH has dominated pretty much everyone. Thor put up the best fight, and was not KO'd in the fight but lost soundly. If you beat one of the top, arguably the top, most powerful hero in Marvel what else can be said? You are a monster. I dont like the character because he seems to have no point, I am hoping things are explained.