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Subj: Would he?
Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 at 12:57:56 am EDT (Viewed 46 times)
Reply Subj: Rulk would die and Kurse would exist indefinitely.
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> because neither can fly, so basically a fight in outerspace occurs and it's a mutual draw, as they cannot fight or get to each other.
> Now, if they WERE in outer-space, granted Kurse can breathe in outer space and if they were able to get ahold of each other, it's well documented that Kurse of Asgard is (4x) stronger than Thor is. So far, RHulk has not demonstrated sufficiently if can or cannot match that level of strength, however, what RHulk HAS done is something that Kurse has not done: RHulk has dispatched Thor in WAY less time than in ANY and EVERY encounter that Kurse has had with Thor. That's saying something.
> Still, not being able to breathe in outerspace is an advantage that Kurse would have over RHulk, but the likelihood of them fighting in outerspace is so negligible, that they would certainly need assistance from someone either technologically or magically or via another means to continue such a fight, or be near an asteroid belt so they could jump towards each other to continue such a fight.
> Most likely, we'd see them fighting on some form of ground on a planet or moon somewhere.
> Considering how much stronger Kurse is over Thor vs. how very fast Rhulk dispatched Thor, it's logical to conclude that a fight between the two, based on current showings from Rhulk, would be a long bloody affair, for now.
> Until Rhulk shows he's beyond Teambuster ability and into Skyfather level power, we have only seen Rhulk do what many feel are either high end Herald level ability and/or Teambuster level ability. Speculative, though.
> >
> > First of all, while Rulk is hella strong, I don't know that he is TWICE as strong as Thor, which is at least where Kurse is.
> >
> > But more importantly, Kurse is magically powered (or whatever energy the beyonder uses) and can exist in all environments. Rulk had to hold his breath in space!! Even WWH could breath in space. Zap the oxygen, he's done...eventually. Put him in space, HE'S DONE! He can't propel himself and he can't breath. This is NOT the formula for a herald buster.
> >
> > I am telling you, Rulk has been VERY effective in his run thus far, but he is still being overrated on this board.
> >

We know Rulk said he needed to breathe but does he? Does he know for sure or is he just playing it safe? He has existed for not very long Marvel time - did he hold onto his breath for a day or so and pass out just to find out? Or would he adapt like the Hulk did before?
Superman should be able to breathe in space IMO. So should Hulk/Rulk. Despite what recent stories might have said.

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