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Subj: You are right about Amazo's depiction...
Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 at 12:29:20 pm EDT (Viewed 34 times)
Reply Subj: Small correction...
Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 at 07:12:19 am EDT (Viewed 41 times)

> > > We cannot accept the conclusion that WW is faster than Superman because she said he was "faster than Clark," and "fast as me." Here's why:
> > >
> > > Amazo had all of the League's powers, including the strength of WW and Superman, which is why he was stronger than both of them put together, i.e., WW + Superman + rest of League > WW or Superman. Given this truth, logic requires that we impute the same conclusion concerning Amazo's strength to his speed. And, once we've done that, we are forced to admit that Amazo is faster than both Superman AND WW. If that's true, and we know it is because (i) Amazo has the combined powers of all the league and (ii) WW would otherwise have been able to tag him, then WW's statement that Amazo is "fast as me" is false insofar as it suggests that she's as fast as Amazo. And if she's not as fast as Amazo, which we have established as true because she's not as strong as Amazo, then the statement that Amazo is faster than Superman also applies to her. Thus, there's no way to determine whether she is, in fact, faster than Superman based on her statement.
> >
> > Lord Majestros:
> > Given than Amazo not only had WW and Superman's speed, but Flash's as well, Diana's statement doesn't remotely hold up.
> It was shown in the previous issue that, even after getting the crap beat out of him, Flash was able to steal Amazo's superspeed (I'm presuming by that Wally means the Flash specific powerset). Therefore Amazo would just have had Kal's and Diana's speed in operation.
> To be honest, I've yet to see any proof that Amazo stacks physical attributes like strength and speed one on top of the other. Because if so, an Amazo with Diana's and Kal's strength combined wouldn't even have felt WW's strongest blows.
> Of course none of the above really weakens your point which is that its nonsense to believe that WW could be as fast as Amazo. And it shows since, even after stunning Amazo with a huge kick, she still couldn't hit him with her follow up punch.

It absolutely never made any sense for him to take dammage the way he did because he was suppose to be as thought as the toughess of them or more if it stacked.

Also, if you were to play chess would you rather have 3 pawns a knight and a bishop or a single queen? I would prefer the queen 99% of the time even tho they are roughtly equivalent in points. I could easily eliminate the weakest pieces you have and slowly tip the battle in my favor were as it would be near impossible for you to nail me. Your weakest piece would always require protection and would slow your most potent ones... Amazo is a queen and should easily pulverize the league 95% of the times as more than half of them are nothing more than pawns to him.

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