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Subj: Magic does seem to be his arena. Think of him like Reed Richards without stretchy powers...
Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 at 02:14:29 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Concerning Strange, would you say the key to beating him is either the weaker the better or...
Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 at 11:57:30 am EDT (Viewed 18 times)

As an earthly physical being, it's easy enough to beat Strange with a gun or a fist or the lead pipe in the conservatory if you get a good shot at him.
Like Reed Richards, who knows a lot about science, Strange knows a lot about magic. He doesn't really have powers, per se. He has knowledge. Depending on how effectively (and quickly) he employs that knowledge, his overall effectiveness varies.
And he can successfully battle non-mystical foes, even extremely powerful ones, but he has a better advantage against magical beings.
Iron Man is more powerful overall than the Thing, but Magneto should have an easier time against Iron Man because his power directly affects Iron Man in a way it wouldn't affect the Thing (well, except for the fact that Tony has built in safeguards against Magneto's powers, but you get my point).
Remember all the old Marvel stories pre-FF#1 where giant monsters and space aliens were defeated by the ingenuity of puny earthmen? There was no suggestion that the earthmen were more powerful than the aliens or monsters. They simply figured out what they were vulnerable to and used it against them.
Strange essentially does that, but his success rate is higher against mystical enemies because he studies them constantly and probably already has existing protocols for many of them.
Just as Reed Richards might figure a way of getting his hands on the Ultimate Nullifier and driving off Galactus but he might be caught completely unaware by Cytorrak or Dormammu because he knows very little about magic. Even a ninja good enough to penetrate the FF's HQ's defenses coud get the drop on Reed.
Magic and science are skill sets, disciplines - their results are going to be more variable than a set amount of innate power. Simply put, the Thing is likely never going to beat the Silver Surfer using raw power alone and he is likely always going to beat Tombstone using raw power alone. But Strange could very well defeat the Surfer one day and get pwned by Tombtone the next - he has a myriad of choices to make every time he battles someone and it depends on his making the right choice at the right time how the battle comes out.
> Dr. Strange is often an engima to write or interpret. One story he can be defeating cosmic beings. The next an average thief with a gun can sometimes beat him. However, it seems in most stories several things remain consistant though these can vary from one story to another. One, he has trouble with highly advanced science. Didn't Korvac before he became a cosmic being give him trouble? Two, the more magical an enemy the better Strange does against it. Ex. He has defeated the likes of the In-betweener, Dormammu, and Shuma-Gorath who would in theory at least be able to defeat someone like the Hulk with ease, but due to Strange's vast mystical knowledge and either through direct spellwork or manipulation of mystical rules he wins. Three, the weaker an enemy the better chance Strange has of beating them. Granted, this is not always the case, but Strange does seem to have more trouble with more down-to-earth enemies than with mystical ones.
> thoughts?

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