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Subj: Re: Hmmm, one of my fave kinda responses....
Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 at 03:03:39 pm EDT (Viewed 69 times)
Reply Subj: Hmmm, one of my fave kinda responses....
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> > all powers stack
> >
> > Despotellis + Giantman vs Hiroim + Terrax
> H&T win
> > Dr Fate + Captain Marvel(billy) vs Ghost Rider + Stardust
> DF& CM win
> > Supreme + Sliver Surfer vs Nova + Ronan + Superskull
> Supreme & Surfer win, eventually. Whichever one suffers the double-team is definitely good enough to keep his two busy while the other beats down on the solo fighter. Once the solo returns to help, then it's a one-on-one I think Surfer/Supreme would win.
> > Thor + Wonder Woman vs Fallen One + Morg
> T& WW, barely
> > Naruto + Sasuke vs Gaara + Neji
> Naruto & Sasuke, barely
> > Sersi + Firelord vs Cyborg(superman) + Ultron
> S&F win
> > Hulk + Bloodaxe vs Orion + Lobo
> Orion & Lobo win
> > Bonus** Out of the winners who wins a battle royal fight?
> Supreme & Silver Surfer would win if everyone fought as a team.
> If it was a total free for all, then Naruto and Sasuke would hide using camoflage jutsu techniques and let everyone beat up on everyone else, safely hidden, until the last person was standing, then they'd double team THAT person, defeating them, and finally have a classic battle at the end between each other that ultimately Naruto would win. BELIEVE IT !!!!

I think you missed the subject line "Amalgam Battles" each team is acually the people fused together into one being.