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Subj: Some thoughts....
Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 at 06:29:49 pm EDT (Viewed 31 times)
Reply Subj: To me it's just another question that can be answered by SHOULD or WOULD...
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> ...many super-humans SHOULD be intellectually superior to Bruce on many level. After all many of them have a superior genetical stocks the capacity to process data infinitly faster and can memorize with crystal clear perfection ten life times worth of human experience. Let's just say that on a IQ test based on speed speedsters SHOULD own Batman HARD.

Everyone who accesses the speedforce is able to read and comprehend at light speed. The downside is that once they "return" to normal time, they forget rather quickly what they learned in speed mode. The only exception is the recently deceased Bart Allen. He was able to retain everything he learned at hyper speeds. In the beginning of the Teen Titans arc, Bart, then known as Impulse, read every book in San Francisco's library and retained the information. He then changed his name to Kid Flash. Here's the problem, although he had all of this knowledge, he did not have the experience or wisdom on how to use it. One word would suffice in describing Bart's attempt at implementing what he'd learned.... Inexperience.

Barry Allen, Bart's grandfather, on the other hand is a brilliant scientist. Back in the day, they called him a Police Scientist. In today's world, we would call him a Forensics Agent. DC had artists intentionally draw Barry with a thin face and long forehead as a visual metaphor of his intellegence.

Barry (and Wally for that matter), were shown to be very smart in the use of their powers and in battles.

Batman, as it's shown, is a genius. He's not an expert in all areas (just ask The Atom who frequently showed he's got the edge in certain areas), but he knows enough to be effective.

What makes Batman seem to be the best of the best is his ability to strategize. He takes what he knows about everything and comes up with solutions. That's what makes him stand shoulder to shoulder with the uber powerful Superman and Wonder Woman.

And because that's his specialty, I think many times both Kal and Diana defer to him. With Wonder Woman's gift of wisdown, she would have the same results, but certainly in a different manner.

> Now, that being said it's clear as day DC and the crushing majority of writers want Bruce to be the mental guy and while WW or flash or superman aren't idiots, far from it, they wouldn't hold a candle to bat supreme analytical mind that can analyse/anticipate everything from before you exised to past your death... Batman WOULD while WW most likely SHOULD... after all I do consider Athena superior to Bat mentally... the only problem is the rest of the writer community doesn't agree with me and never demonstrated otherwise... No wonder they call him Bat-GOD...

Good write-up. I enjoyed what you had to say on this.

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