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Subj: Re: SBP is as tough as they come but the Captain Universe powers grants the user power on the molecular level...
Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 at 11:41:44 pm EDT (Viewed 37 times)
Reply Subj: Re: SBP is as tough as they come but the Captain Universe powers grants the user power on the molecular level...
Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 at 11:23:17 pm EDT

> > > > > Cosmic spidey is impressive and all and owned grey Hulk but to be honest with you I am not sure I believe he is pre crisis kryptonian, not close. SBP is a monster.
> > > >
> > > > so even the toughest don't stand a chance.
> > > >
> > > > I only used Prime as an example because he's no joke.
> > >
> > > To be honest I dont think that Spider man with the power was that uber. I mean Silver Surfer was able to beat the Captain Universe user without problem. I know it amps up whoever is using it by like 10-100. Spidey was like a class 10 so at best becomes a class 1000. Really I still think it would be a fight for that Spider man to fight Superman or top tier guys like that, even stronger Hulks. SBP laughs at all those guys.
> > >
> > Surfer's power much like the Captain Universe powers can affect and manipulate all forms of matter organic and inorganic, so it definitely depends who's possessing the power.
> True to some degree but Surfer still beat it. In the most recent Captain Universe showing I would put his power level around current Nova. Nothing to special. It does enhance the powers of the user to the cosmic scale of a herald, but at the same time that is not close to SBP level. The only thing that would give a guy like Surfer a chance against SBP is the mimicing of weaknesses and to be honest it would not be enough, he could only take a few punches from a SBP going all out, if that.
Yes, but Spider man is not at normal human level. The power amplifies a normal human to the level of herald, so what would class 10 Spider-man be if the powers turn a normal human to Surfer level?

> And to be honest I have not been super impressed by the ep shown by CU. It is impressive but it has not shown the versatility of the PC.

Usually the power doesn't stay with a being but for a short time until recently. Even Spidey was learning how to use it better as time went on. If Spidey had it for some time, no telling what he may have been able to accomplish.

> >
> > Spidey's not only physically strong, but he's highly intelligent, way above average. This would be a deciding factor.
> Intelligence hardly matters at times. If you are smarter than someone, but are not as strong, durable or fast and he likely has heat vision that can slice you in two what are you going to do? An energy blast is not going to win it for Spider man, not close.

True enough, but all characters fall in the lack of intelligence category one time or another.

Your last statement is exactly what I'm talking about by use of intelligence. Spidey uses his brains probably more so than anyone other character other than Reed, Batman and other Bat-clones. He wouldn't just be using concussive blasts he'd figure something else out.
> >
> > Prime would get vaporized.
> And I think you are giving the power way to much credit and SBP to little. SBP would beat the snot out of most Marvel skyfathers if he got his hands on them. Their ability to use vast amounts of cosmic or mystical power would be all that could save them and the Uni power does not bring anything near to that.

I don't think I am according to what the power is and how it works.

> >
> > > Off the top of my head I really cannot think of to many guys who can do what he has done. Fighting GL corps, Sinestro corps, owning Ion with a daxamite with the power, owning teen titals, JLA, BA, moving planets easily by himself, punching through reality and so on and so forth. SM was not close to that. With the power it boosted him into the upper tier sort of power range, did not make him laugh at guys like that though./
> >
> > As I've said, he's no joke, but Spidey with the Captain Universe powers would own him.
> I disagree strongly. Unless you give the power to someone like Gladiator, or a herald level being to start and it amps everything they have up would they be able to fight him.

Spidey will suffice for SBP.

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