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Subj: Arcanix write up!!
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Stargod of the North

H- Sentinel GL, Alan Scott
PM- Hercules(with Mace), Marvel, (Mind)
EM- Northstar
Item- A dose of MGH to amp up Northstars Mutant Powers.



Emperor Zoom!

Herald: Zoom II (powers)
PM: Plastic Man (body)
EM: Emperor Palpatine (mind and lightsaber)

Item: Resurrected Javi's Sigil (ligis) From Negation. I'll add some scans later. Basically he could drain any Non-kinetic Energy (psionic, magic, and energy attacks). He could then use this energy to increase the powers of other Sigil bearers (useless in this tourney) and give himself signifigant regeneration abilities. Requires touch. I will post some scans tonight. I could not find any links. If only crossgen hadn't gone out of business.

After rereading it i guess Javi could send out tendrils to drain power, but this only seems to work after draining a magical and psionic herald level being of great power, which he had to touch to drain.

Location: Genosha(Ruins)

The Item Scans are at:
Your energy and magic attacks make my healing very powerful and you get weakened.

If you haven’t looked at these scans PLEASE do. Javi’s sigil is awesome, I’ve been trying to find a tourney to use it well in for a long time. This one fit perfectly. This sigil provides amazing protection against energy, magic and Psionic attacks by not just reducing the damage but by amping up Emperor Zoom! Also this is the offensive ability that will likely be needed to finish off most of my opponents. In the scans he drains Evinlea of most of her power dropping her to the ground in a second or two. It did not put her out, but she couldn’t do much at all.

Here is how I see our guys stacking up to each other.
Speed: Massive advantage to me, but I’ll admit I don’t know much about this MGH stuff.
Combat skill: Advantage to me. Hercules is good, but the Emperor is better
Durability to Energy attacks: Me – I just absorb them
Durability to Magic: Me – Just absorb them
Durability to physical attacks – Tie
Flight: Well I do lose this one. I suppose jumping with Zoom’s speed and turning to a kite would be similar, but not true flight
Regeneration: Before anything happens in the fight, probably similar. After I drain some power massive advantage to me.
Intelligence and use of strategy: Advantage me. Emporer ran a galactic empire tricked and manipulated powerful jedi vs. Hercules who umm well I don’t know what he has done in this category.
Versitility: He has got me here, but it all comes from the Alan Scott’s powers who are much fancier than Hercules is used to using and. Can be drained with my Item.

Here is how I most likely see the fight going down. Emperor Zoom (EZ) runs at Stargod of the North who doesn’t see anything. Gets slashed several times with a lightsaber, feels some sting, but takes no real damage. EZ then grabs Stargod of the North and drains him of power leaving him a shadow of his former power. While on the ground he is pretty much defenseless and is finally beating with lightsaber, further draining, sonic boom finger snaps right next to his ears or whatever it takes – its not like EZ is a nice guy or anything.

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