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Subj: my thoughts on a ridic tough battle!!
Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 at 09:25:11 am EST (Viewed 91 times)
Reply Subj: Battle 2!! Oculporate vs Arcanix!
Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 at 08:24:23 am EST (Viewed 136 times)

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Stargod of the North

H- Sentinel GL, Alan Scott
PM- Hercules(with Mace), Marvel, (Mind)
EM- Northstar
Item- A dose of MGH to amp up Northstars Mutant Powers.



Emperor Zoom!

Herald: Zoom II (powers)
PM: Plastic Man (body)
EM: Emperor Palpatine (mind and lightsaber)

Item: Resurrected Javi's Sigil (ligis) From Negation. I'll add some scans later. Basically he could drain any Non-kinetic Energy (psionic, magic, and energy attacks). He could then use this energy to increase the powers of other Sigil bearers (useless in this tourney) and give himself signifigant regeneration abilities. Requires touch. I will post some scans tonight. I could not find any links. If only crossgen hadn't gone out of business.

After rereading it i guess Javi could send out tendrils to drain power, but this only seems to work after draining a magical and psionic herald level being of great power, which he had to touch to drain.

Location: Genosha(Ruins)

At the end of the day I have to give this battle to Arcanix for one reason...oc as an exploitable weakness and that is wood...that weakness will come into play in the ruins of Genosha accidentally I think due to Palpatine using the force as tk and hurling debris at Stargod's shields. Also plastic mans powers can be used in very crative ways ala Venom, by getting into pores and entering the body and what vote is for Arcanix after a fight that lasts seconds...just because of the speed of these characters...oh and Zoom creating sonic booms by snapping fingers and hitting just as hard as Superman helps. here. Arcanix wins.