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Subj: I totally forgot to account for the battlefield!
Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 at 02:49:25 pm EST (Viewed 98 times)
Reply Subj: Write-up. (More like points of contention) Including the Psi Defense factor
Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 at 02:39:40 pm EST (Viewed 14 times)

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Make no mistake. This is not an easy battle for either side.

- Wonder Woman is a master strategist. By merging with Ms. Marvel, she gains expertise in manipulation and absorption of Energy. Both are militarily trained. And guess what power source is sitting right in front of the combatants: THE KYLN.

This offers Marvel Woman a nearly limitless amount of energy to absorb and use against Magix. We're talking about getting Ms. Marvel's powers to Binary levels here.

- Just because you get the Nega Bands doesn't mean they automatically understand how to use them. In fact, the Nega bands are designed for use by Kree physiology. These will actually become a NON factor no matter whose body is being used. Sandman and Nate Grey are human, and Enchantress is Asgardian. The bands will be usable, but not NEARLY as effective as Captain Marvel(s) or other Kree would be.

- I have anti-telepathy defense. How?

Kevin Levin's powerset makes it so that your skin is covered by a shell of what ever substance is being touched. Consider Marvel Woman will be holding Captain America's Shield, Wonder Woman's Aegis bracelets, and her Golden Lasso of Truth. The shell will be a mixture of the SHIELD Alloy, Aegis, and the Lasso! The Lasso offers psi protection as Wonder Woman controls the "Fires of Truth."

- My speed and strength is STACKED.

Wonder Woman gives Class 100. Ms Marvel gives Class 50. Combined that is at least Class 150.

Wonder Woman moves at the speed of Hermes, nearly equal to Superman, who are bested only by The Flash. Ms Marvel gives greater than Mach 3 speed. That's an additional 3,000 MPH!

- My durability is THE BEST

Nothing. NOTHING can be stronger than a mixture of the Aegis and Captain America's shielding. This defends against mystical, as well as science based attacks.

Meanwhile, she is STILL wearing the bracers, and holding the shield, and wielding the lasso, and armed with the wings and special sword.

I've been going back and forth on this one, trying to figure out who would win. And I totally missed that the battle is being fought at the Kyln, which is powered by the Crunch. While I would be skeptical of anyone handling the energy within the Crunch (it almost killed the Silver Surfer), Ms. Marvel used to be powered by an actual star, so if anyone can handle the energy output it's her. That will really boost her stats to pretty staggering levels.

I was leaning towards Reed, but the battlefield favours Los, and therefore Los gets my vote.


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