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      This offers Marvel Woman a nearly limitless amount of energy to absorb and use against Magix. We're talking about getting Ms. Marvel's powers to Binary levels here.

    Binary drew off the power of a white hole, does the Kyln offer that same level of power? I'm asking here, I don't know.


      - I have anti-telepathy defense. How?


        Kevin Levin's powerset makes it so that your skin is covered by a shell of what ever substance is being touched. Consider Marvel Woman will be holding Captain America's Shield, Wonder Woman's Aegis bracelets, and her Golden Lasso of Truth. The shell will be a mixture of the SHIELD Alloy, Aegis, and the Lasso! The Lasso offers psi protection as Wonder Woman controls the "Fires of Truth."

    You need to provide some support to this argument. I looked on Wiki and didn't see any details that said he could absord multiple elements at the same time or a mention that he could create a shell. Not saying you're wrong, just need a link to back up your claims.

There's an episode of Ben-10 Alien Force where Kevin needs anything to get stronger to free his bonds or something. He grabs change out of his pocket and mixes the properties of pennies, nickels, and dimes to form an alloy. I think the name of the episode is Plumbers' Helpers.

Later in the series, he is able to transmute his entire body (not just a shell around it), however, he eventually mutates and is stuck in a multi-elemental state.

I figured the shell maker is EM while a solid body maker would be closer to PM (I think his strength in that form was rivaling Ben's strongest alien form).

Colossus in his armored form can't be psi attacked, and if using (Kevin)'s powers wisely, I suppose she could also!
Now something to really think about is, will (Diana) absorb the very same weapons she is wearing, say the (Aegis)
Sorry (Reed) but I have to go with (Los) on this one!