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Subj: LGU Write Up!!
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Tongan Giant

SSS-Sebastion Sinister Summers

HERALD - Vulcan
PRIME META - Mr Sinister
ENHANCED META - Sebastian Shaw

Item-Johnny Quick speed formula



Old Man Nathan

Herald: The High
PM: Deathverine
EM: Cable (classic)
Item: Nega Bands

Location-The Carrier

Herald: The High
PM: Deathverine
EM: Cable (classic)
Item: Nega Bands

First of all, good luck to the Giant, always seem to get you in the first round matey!

First of all, the strategy behind my team.

Combining Wolverine and the High's uber healing is going to purge the T-O virus out of Cable, giving Uber Cable levels of psi and TK. The Nega Bands operate based on the psionic energy of the wearer - note the power difference between Genis and his father for evidence of this. No-one has more psionic potential than a T-O free Cable, so he should get some fairly uber power out of the Nega Bands.

In addition to that, the High gives Superman level strength, speed and durability, plus the added extras like telescopic and X-Ray vision, heat vision etc. Throw in Wolverine's adamantium skeleton, and even before you get to the stacked healing you have someone who is incredibly hard to hurt. Not to mention class 100+ backed unbreakable claws.

Throw in Deathverine's uber sword and cloaking tech that made him invisible to the naked eye and completely undetectable by four of the most powerful psychics on the planet.... you've got a deadly customer. Invisible super-speed TK-amped decapitation for the win! \:-\)

vs Tongan's team:

Tongan has a great team and this will be a tricky battle. I am assuming Sinister is in charge.

I'll try and go through the pros and cons as I see them.

SPEED: to be honest, I'm not sure how fast the Johnny Quick formula makes one as I don't remember that arc at all. The High is cable of light speed+ flight, and demonstrated super-speed reflexes on a number of occasions. Throw in Logan's skill and telepathy so high-end that it may as well be minor pre-cog, I don't see my amalgam being speed-blitzed by too many people.

STRENGTH: this one is a no-contest. Sinister is the only one bringing any super-strength to TG's amalgam, and the High positively dwarfs him in that regard.

PSI: Sinister is a potent psi in his own right and very skilled. That said, he is explicitly nowhere near an unleashed Cable. When Cable briefly gained his full powers in Cable Annual #99, he was casually pwning Sinister and was about to peel back his psi defenses with ease until the T-O Virus returned.

ENERGY PROJECTION/MANIP: Vulcan is pretty much the king at this but with the Nega Bands my guy will be no slouch at all. Trying to drain the Nega Bands is futile as they draw on an entire universe - Magus tried it and got overloaded. Vulcan's capacity to absorb energy does have a limit, we know that much, although it's extremely high.

DURABILITY: The phasing of Shaw combined with Sinister's malleable form will make him a tricky customer to put down for keeps. Fortunately for me, Deathverine's sword is a built-in conter-measure for phasers; he was able to take out Shadowcat with it even whilst she was intangible. I believe scans of that are in the link posted above.

Vulcan's powers are uber against characters dependant on energy for their assaults, but the last time he went up against a character on the High's level physically and with no energy source to drain he got utterly pwned.

Ultimately, my amalgam is superior physically and in terms of mental powers, and isn't overly vulnerable to an energy drain from Vulcan's power-set.

I think it will be a great fight until the Old Man gets pissed off, turns himself invisible and then does something along these lines:

\:-D I don't think even Sinister can pull himself back together from that kind of punishment!

Thanks for reading, good luck again TG!


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