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    Name: Sinestrobos, God of Trauma



    Namorg the Seamaster

    Location: Themyscara


Here are three flaws that will imho be the downfall of (Sinestrobos God of Trauma)
1) Morg's brutal fearless ferocity:
Galactus was confronted by the court executioner (Morg) who had betrayed his own race by executing his own people for those that had defeated them. In the presence of the world-devourer, Morg showed no fear,  instead exhibiting a respectful defiance. Impressed with Morg's demeanor and wary after losing several heralds to attacks of conscience, Galactus decided to employ this most "brutal and remorseless" specimen as his latest herald. Morg's state of mind is to carry out (Galactus)'s will no matter the consequences towards others, and being that a yellow ring selects individuals who have the ability to instill great fear, without a question of a doubt, the ring would immediately notice that (Namorg)'s fearless behavior & ruthless brutality is a grade (A) candidate.
If  (Gorgon) was able to resist (Alex)'s power, then (Morg) can.
Trauma's power is based on a foe's fear, he can shapeshift into anything that his target fears, but in this case, I have to reiterate that (Morg) as the brains in the outfit fear's nothing, so this power is useless against him.

2) The Aegis Breastplate
Namorg wearing the (Aegis Breastplate) will magically protect him and enable him to surround himself with an impenetrable forcefield that can absorb, release, and redirect energy thrown against him or near him. The(Aegis) or (Namorg)  in this case can extend the forcefield around other people and objects within a distance of approximately ten feet. The force field is often invisible & always transparent, and can be reshaped into simple forms such as screens, bubbles, and domes, and has unexplained mystical properties.
3) Power Cosmic
Some may say that (Namor) has a weakness, but by having the power cosmic, he'll have (Superhuman Durability: As Morg's tissue was restructured and augmented by the Power Cosmic, his body was practically invulnerable to physical injury. Morg could withstand penetration wounds from all but the most advanced and powerful forms of weaponry. He could withstand tremendous impact forces, falls from ortibal heights, exposure to temperatures as hot as the interior of a star, and powerful energy blasts from the likes of the Silver Surfer without being injured. Morg was also functionally immortal in the sense that he was immune to all known diseases and to the effects of aging. Morg also could survive indefinitely in outer space and no longer required food, oxygen, or water to survive), and with (Katara)'s water abilities, the so called weakness doesn't come in to play! 

Remember, this fight is on a Island that is surrounded by water and vegetation, water that can be manipulated down to the molecular level and extracted from all plants, moisture in the air, and even from his sweat, plus the (Strength) stacks for (Namorg) in the 200ton range, and the power cosmic added into the pot is going to be (Sinestrobos)'s worst nightmare.

As I mentioned above, once (Sinestrobos) tries to instill fear in (Namorg) and notices that his power of (Phobos & Trauma) fear doesn't work on him, he will most likely try to blast him with yellow energy that won't work thanks to the (Aegis Breastplate). His yellow constructs won't be able to do nothing if they can't penetrate the invisible forcefield or the 200ton strength, pounding on them with the cosmic sea axe. Also, remember that (Namorg) can easily shape the forcefield or even incase an opponent and enventually control their body's movement by bloodbending the liquid within a person or animals body. But one thing is certain, with (Morg) being in charge, no matter what (Sinestrobos) throws at him, he's going after his prey, and unless (Sinestrobos) teleports himself away there's no way he's going to contend with (Namorg)'s power.
Please be reminded that the longer the battle continues, the worst it is for (Sinestrobos) b/c the yellow ring needs to recharge.


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