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Subj: Re: Is One of The Main Reasons For Thor Appearing Weak Is Him "watering it down" Among Mortals?
Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 at 10:54:09 am EST (Viewed 51 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Is One of The Main Reasons For Thor Appearing Weak Is Him "watering it down" Among Mortals?
Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 at 11:23:27 pm EST (Viewed 9 times)

    You are waaaay overestimating the gods. The only Asgardians with any real power are Thor, Loki, and Odin. I give the warriors three, Baldar, Sif and whatsisname there on the bridge a little better than average Asgardian ability... but the rest of them are no tougher than Luke Cage. You assume they can just kill the humans if they wanted to, but it's nowhere near that easy. Norman has launched a serious threat on Asgard, and many of it's residents are in danger of their lives.

You are waaaaay underestimating the gods. There are more gods that have power than what you just listed. You didn't mention Karnilla (who is equal to or superior to Loki in magics). Hela, the Einhejar (Harokin and the warriors of Valhalla), Skurge, The Enchantress, Frey, Tyr the War god, Hermod the god of speed. Marvel dosen't have enough space in this 4 part series to bring everything that Asgard has and to be honest not everything has even been mentioned. Never the less all of these I dare say are above Luke Cage in terms of overall power. Most have magic weapons and centuires of skill using those weapons and fighting. You also forget that Luke Cage is no slouch either. Imagine a city with hundreds if not thousands of Luke Cages with weapons that can serious hurt you. Remember what Luke did when he had the Wrecker's crow bar (Venom does), imagine hundreds with swords, and other magical weapons trying to kill you. It was Loki who gave the Absorbing Man his powers and Karnilla that gave the Wrecker his so these gods outside of Odin have done things that still effect the Marvel earth.

In general the gods do not go around butching humans whether they are super powered or not but if pushed into a corner that may all change. The bottom line is that the gods will be watered down for his story because on paper the humans would and should loose this fight. What Norman bought to the fight is not enough IMO to win and is foolish at best to even try. Ares and the rest of his team didn't want to even start this fight but because Norman is being used by Loki they are going for it. In the scanned images for the next issue, it looks like Ares is having second thoughts about this and I think it will blow up in Normans face but of course Iron Man and Cap will have to be brought in to give Thor a hand with Osborne.   

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