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Subj: Re: Who In The Marvel or DC Universe Could Defeat Zatanna?
Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 at 02:18:04 pm EST (Viewed 52 times)
Reply Subj: Who In The Marvel or DC Universe Could Defeat Zatanna?
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Which beings in the DC or Marvel universes could defeat Zatanna of the JLA? Thor? Sentry? Hulk? Blue Marvel? The Phoenix (Jean Grey)?

I saw this list of Zatanna's powers in a discussion on


Sorcery: Zatanna is a magi, a human born with the affinity to manipulate magic. Her unique genetic structure allows her to use the magic she was born with as well as learned magic. As a tribute to her father, and as a focus for her spells, she casts spells by speaking backwards. For example, saying "pots" would cause the target of the spell to stop in their tracks. She can only cast the spells she wants by speaking or reading backwards, because that's the only way to focus her magic.

Elemental Sorcery: With her magic Zatanna has shown a greatest affinity to manipulate the elements of the Earth.

Pyrokinesis: Generation and Control of fire

Aerokinesis: Generation and Control of Air

Geokinesis: Control of Earth/Rock

Hydrokinesis: Control of Water

Cryokinesis: Generation and Control of Ice

Weather Manipulation

Telepathy: Zatanna can use her magic to manipulate the minds of others. She has displayed the following abilities.

Read Minds

Memory Manipulation: She is able to wipe minds completely and/or remove specific memories.

Chlorokinesis: Control over plants

Thermokinesis: She has used this ability a few times to stay warm in frigid environments.

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Durability


Force Field

Teleportation: Able to teleport herself and/or others to anywhere she desires.

Dimensional Travel

Probability Manipulation

Magical Awareness: supernatural sensitivity to occult activities and mystic phenomena.

Dispel: Able to remove illusions and holographic images that her opponents have set up.


Elemental Conversion

Molecular Conversion

Regeneration: Able to heal herself and others

Size Alteration: She can increase or decrease her overall volume to nearly any size she chooses. The limits of this ability are subject only to the degree of power available to her at any one time. She has been seen using this ability to get down to the size of the Atom (about 6 inches tall at the time) to talk to him face-to-face.

Spectral Sight: She can see spiritual entities and travelers invisible to normal sight; she can perceive magical events at a great distance.

Elemental Transmutation: Zatanna has the ability to rearrange atoms and molecules in both inorganic and organic matter. She can change an object’s or creature's shape. In addition from one chemical into another.

Magical Manipulation: Zatanna is also capable of using all personal and universal magic

Extraction and Transportation of Souls: Able to extract and move souls from organic/inorganic structures to another organic/inorganic structure. In addition, she can attack her opponents by thrusting a soul at them. She only does this ability in dire situations.

Mystical Invulnerability: After casting this specific spell, she is safe from any offensive magic that comes her way or others.

Abilities Prestidigitation: Zatanna is skilled in stage magic, performing simple tricks and elaborate illusions.

Good Combatant: She has also been taught conventional fighting skills by the Justice League, but favors using magic in place of them.

Occultist: as Chronicler of Magic she possesses an extensive understanding of Occult lore due to her Mystic Background


Improvisation: She prepares specific spells (a couple of hundred) but improvises a good bit for the unpredictable situations she encounters.

Bi-Lingual: Able to speak English and "Backwards Speech". As noted throughout the comics, she doesn't show any difficulty in speaking backwards when performing spells. It seems she can speak backward speech without hesitation and with clarity. Backwards Speech is most commonly known as Mnemonic Incantations.

Strength level: As a magician, she is considered among the most powerful and knowledgeable in the world and often works alongside the most powerful magic-users on Earth, including Doctor Fate, Madame Xanadu, and Captain Marvel. However, the actual extent of her powers is not fully known. According to Green Arrow, she is the most powerful member of the Justice League. Of all the magicians and sorcerers on the planet, the JLA always go to Zatanna when they need magical assistance.

Like most magicians her power can vary dramatically, Maybe the most impressive thing she did was engineer the rebuilding of Metropolis after Luthor had destroyed it in Action #700, her fields of expertise have grown considerably over the years though the single limitation on her power seems to be set at interacting or interfering with the forces of Life & Death. She was totally unable to rescue or affect her fathers fate for example and her effectiveness over demons and supernatural beings is relatively small.

She's limited by her strict need to recant her spells, even Dr Fate or Strange have never been quite that limited and despite what recent writers try to say not all sorcerors have to recant spells, frequently just concentration and perhaps a gesture have been enough to cast a spell.
I'd say she's not far off the elite sorceror level on average, she wouldn't be able to beat someone like Mordru for example but neither would it be an easy day out for Mordru...

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