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Subj: Guys. I just found out something about Wonder Woman. It may sway your vote in yesterday's battle.
Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 at 02:41:18 pm EST (Viewed 21 times)
Reply Subj: 2010 Dark Marvel Amalgam Tournament Tuesday Battles!!!
Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 at 08:33:07 am EST (Viewed 162 times)

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The Round 1 updates will be announced later!!

Banned powers are no multiple power stealing ala rogue, or mimic...I will think of more if the need arises.


NO Enemy info!

You get the knowledge of the dominant mind you choose and you get the experience of the person who the other powers belong to...but it is still up to the dominant mind to use that power as he/she sees fit.

The way it works(For those that don't know) is you choose 3 characters after you choose the 3 characters you choose who the dominant mind will be. Remember you get powers(strengths) as well as weaknesses...once you have created your character and an overall have to(Dark Marvel Tradition)name your character.

P.S. Powers Stack!!!

1. Ragnarok-Black Adam-BANNED!
2. Thorion-Full powered Magneto-BANNED
3. Liam Gallaghers Unibrow-Thor-BANNED!
4. Arcanix-Dr. DOOM-BANNED!
5. Exes-Beta Ray Bill-BANNED!
6. Tongan Giant-Majestic-BANNED!
7. RANDOM-Martian Manhunter-BANNED!
***Just the character...not the race...I agree whole races cannot be part of the's racism and I won't be part of that.

8. Nucleon-Blackbolt-BANNED!
9. Incriptus-Darkseid-BANNED!
10. BK Ray-Loki-BANNED!
11. Reedification-Juggernaut(gem of cyttorak)-BANNED!
12. Late Great Donald Blake-Silver Surfer-BANNED!
13. Hatman-Hulk-BANNED!
14. Joe Fixit-Superman-BANNED!
16. Oculporate-Uber Cable-BANNED!

Environments and more rules(which are the obvious ones) will come later.

1 Utopia(X-Men Island)
4.Tower Of Fate
5.The Carrier


I shit you not!

Remember when she was blind? She fought that Gorgon, decapitated a Titan, etc.?

Well, Athena gifted her with "Divine Eyes". It was why Maxwell Lord could not mind control her! A Max Lord whose Tp was so powerful, even Martian Manhunter had serious issues with him.

This means my amalgam is immune to Telepathy.

Now, Reed's amalgam still has huge amounts of TK, and a great pick in the Sandman for durability. But if the TP was what put him over the edge, I appeal to your sway with this new information.