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Subj: Nope I did read some of the new Thor stuff
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Reply Subj: Re: Finally finished the Seige#1 WHAT IS THE PROBLEM THOR FANS!
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    My gosh if my favorit character is going to be taken out (god forbid) let it be by a foce as powerful and huge as the one that is assembled against Asgard.

    Thor took a blast that would wreck any high level character after smacking Sentry to another zip code. At this point just loosing to Sentry would not be a low showing, as Sentry just pawned MolM.

    Really look at it, you have a bunch of CL 30 worriers (asgadians) and Thor against well every other bad guy possible.

    Thor has been pawned by Magneto and Utron alone in the past, if you ask me this is a high showing for old Goldie Locks.


    Cmon why are yall crying let me know cause I dont friggin see it.

Presumably you never followed the JMS relaunch?

It's not the method, it's the execution that Jars so badly.
I've no great personal investment in Thor but by any standard Siege's takedown just didn't convince at all. The issue started with Volstagg enduring a similar level of firepower just fine, It may have been the writing at fault or it may have been the artist but if Thor is still perfectly concious and standing after the explosion and is lucid enough that he can threaten the goon squad only to get apparently floored by a poor version of Iron Man.... well, it's not very flattering. \(fear\)

The revamp of Thor gave us so much, not so much his power being notably upped, just the integrity and sheer respect given to the character and the way he was approached by the writer/artist. This was mythic stuff.
The succesful Characters like Thor, The Hulk or even Majestic flourish by the respect the publisher showers them with. That doesn't just mean toplevel showings and an ackowledgement of their supremacy in their universe it means showing you as the publisher take that characters status as the companys powerhouse and topdog seriously. That's what the JMS revamp gave us.
So after his very public exit from the book over the notable fact Marvel wanted Thor up front & centre again in the MU it appears to have very unsavory implications that Thor will inevitably be treated as story fodder and a second fiddle dumb powerhouse as he was during the 90s and beyond.... no one really wants that cavalier attitude to the character to return as apart from diluting him it was a good part of what degraded his popularity and eventually got him cancelled. No one wants a supposed company powerhouse who is seemingly inadequate to whatever the latest threat or johnny-come-lately superhero might be, that's why Sentry should sensibly go at this point, Thor is Marvels original powerhouse and Go-To strong-guy and that integrity needs supported by Marvel after such a successful & popular re-imagining. They are seemingly wasting all that good work and falling into bad habits with the character.

You can maybe look to his defeat by the Red Hulk as the forebearer to this latest incident, while humiliatingly crushing at least that defeat had a comeback with Thor scoring a win of sorts against this extremely powerful and enigmatic new villain.
With the U-Foes and Osborn though it's a different dynamic and a set of opponents he really should have been able to handle based on past history and showings....

I really did not know where to place him as far as power goes. There were some good feats but as far as I saw the biggest feat was wrecking Iron man, and as far as I am aware he should have done that anyway, upgrade or no.
But really volstagg took a big blast...I was not convinced. I think he could have been in the parifarary of the blast that destroyed Soldier feild(sorry bears fans) as he was not the target of that blast.
thor on the other hand was the direct target of a same level blast and he was still standing. Then he got hit......OK should he be so powerful that he never gets hit? yes the reporter said Thor was down but that is a cliffhanger. garantee he will be on his feet next issue and will do some damage.