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Seriously honest legitimate question here.

For example, one could argue that, say, Captain Marvel (DC) beats Darkseid because Darkseid's lost to Superman and Orion. But another could argue it wouldn't be that easy since Darkseid's no-sold attacks from Supergirl and Lobo (separately, but yeah).

Both happened. Both are valid. But trying to get people to agree is fruitless. In some cases, the defeated feel like winners (I won't name names, cause of board rules).

So my question is, why do you personally battleboard?

Yeah I don't get involved in a lot of debates, as it does seem like beating a dead horse. Despite it all I'll put my two cents in every now and then cause it may be pointless at times, but what can I say its still fun for me. I enjoy lurking around a lot too as I did here for years before I ever decided to post. All in all its just fun to learn about comics and characters that I'm unfamiliar with. I thought I knew a sh#tload of comic knowledge and then I came here and found out no matter how good ya are theres always someone better. I can embrace my inner geek here at these comic boards and I'm def glad they are pretty respectful when it comes to keeping things civil. Too much hate goin on at a lot of other boards. Really don't see why posters at other comic boards have to talk so much trash just b/c someone doesn't see things their way. At the end of the day its probably some chunky bald guy with a jar of Vaseline sitting next to his computer, but ah well who am I to judge. Everyone here seems pretty cool and easy going though. Ah but I digress, another reason I enjoy this is the tourneys, sure you get a no prize victory, but honestly its cool to see what everyone comes up with and I must say when I won one last year I felt pretty darn neat. Comics are something I've been into since I was 7 (I'm now 24). Like someone said earlier of all Alvaro's different boards, the battle board is definitely the best b/c of the constant flow of traffic. Plus, everyone's inner fanboy cries out to debate which character can defeat the other. I've gotten a couple of my friends into comics over the years, but I can't really talk about it with em like I can here, so I guess this is my outlet. Thanks for being my online comic psychiatrist battle boarders haha.