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Subj: Well Sir, I invite you To Read my Previous Post Where Everyone Who Disagreed W/ Me Admits They're Wrong & I'm Right  NT
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Reply Subj: Finally finished the Seige#1 WHAT IS THE PROBLEM THOR FANS!
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My gosh if my favorit character is going to be taken out (god forbid) let it be by a foce as powerful and huge as the one that is assembled against Asgard.
Thor took a blast that would wreck any high level character after smacking Sentry to another zip code. At this point just loosing to Sentry would not be a low showing, as Sentry just pawned MolM.
Really look at it, you have a bunch of CL 30 worriers (asgadians) and Thor against well every other bad guy possible.
Thor has been pawned by Magneto and Utron alone in the past, if you ask me this is a high showing for old Goldie Locks.
Cmon why are yall crying let me know cause I dont friggin see it.