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Subj: Re: TG wins narrowly...
Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 at 03:32:21 pm EST (Viewed 35 times)
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    The one thing that seems overlooked is it will take time for wolverines Healing factor to take out the TO virus. If we had prep for him to just sit their then LGU would get the the win, but essentially at the start of the fight we have Cable level TK/TP and the nega bands are less usefull because of that.

I don't think the bodies are rammed together one second before the fight starts.... my assumption is that the characters have already been amalgamated long before the tournament. Sort of like when the DCU/Marvel universes amalgamated and the characters just acted like they had always been that way.

I could be wrong though!

Either way, it only took about 5 panels to purge the virus when Cable gained Deadpool's healing. The stack of Wolverine + the High should easily be up there with Wade's so I don't think it would take that long.


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