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Subj: Re: Evidence
Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 at 02:27:13 pm EST (Viewed 113 times)
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    Cool. Still, how do you jump from misrepresenting me agreeing with BK that Supes has won 100% of the time the two have fought to we implying Supes will win 100% of the time. Tsk.

Fair enough. My mistake.


      You keep saying the evidence I brought up is to show Superman did not win the fight. That's stupid because I think Superman did win the fight. My evidence is simply to point out that Busiek himself is pointing out that the fight was extremely close and Thor could easily win in a rematch. That doesn't discount Superman's win. It just adds more information, information you want to ignore. However, when I point out that Surfer was waylaid by a brick, you don't want to ignore other information. I wonder why.

    Choosing Superman's victory as the prime evidence is different from ignoring Thor's boasting, just as I didn't ignore Aquaman's skepticism.

You just proved my point. You ignore Thor's statement but accept Aquaman's.


      That's not a strawman argument, and here's why. As I just said, when I point out that Surfer was waylaid by a brick, you don't want to ignore other information that counters that. That reveals your hypocrisy. The author is the sole arbiter when you want it to be the case, but isn't when you don't want it to be the case.

    It is a straw man and a rather weak one at that. I am choosing the fact that the Surfer can indeed survive a brick because there are countless direct showings that he can. Much more so than one's suggesting he can't. If you show me direct evidence that Thor can beat Superman, then heeey, awesome sauce.

Gladiator has Superman's power set down to heat vision and super speed. Heck, we've seen Gladiator do things that post-Silver Age un-augmented Superman can't like destroying planets, moving planets, and being able to survive in stars. Yet Thor beat Gladiator when he said he would no longer hold back and Gladiator stated Thor was too strong for him. Why should evidence of Thor beating someone who has Superman's powers with even greater feats than Superman and no compunctions to hold back like Superman does be completely ignored? Why should Thor beating other Superman clones like Hyperion and Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) be ignored?


      You can dismiss evidence and logic as contortions because I'm pointing out your hypocrisy, but there's no difference between looking at other in-comic evidence that Thor would beat Superman and other in-comic evidence that Surfer can withstand a brick.
    Perhaps I didn't make this clear enough, but I am saying that JLA/Avengers story is the highest proof to validate Superman's #1 ranking in the OP's category over Thor. You have asserted Thor should be ranked #1 because that is somehow, through polls and stuff is the established unanimous board opinion. Even if that is true, the story trumps it. Simple, no need for acrobatics. And believe me, I have no emotional attachment to this at all as I am perfectly fine with the story and therefore fine with Superman being ranked #1 in the OP's category.

Uh, your being fine with the story is not indicative of lack of emotional attachment because you've been arguing in support of the story the entire time. In any case, what you just said about me is completely wrong. I have never in this entire thread stated that Thor should be ranked #1. What I have objected to is that it's a completely settled case given BK Ray's reasoning that no one has objected to the ranking in this thread. To point out that fallacy, I mentioned the notable instances in which the board consensus contradicts his assertion that it's a settled matter. You really should reread his post and mine.

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