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        Choosing Superman's victory as the prime evidence is different from ignoring Thor's boasting, just as I didn't ignore Aquaman's skepticism.

      You just proved my point. You ignore Thor's statement but accept Aquaman's.

    Again no, I put Thor's boasting on the level of Aquaman's skepticism. Both anecdotes are below the fight.

You need to reread what you wrote which is quoted right above. You wrote that you ignored Thor's boasting but did not ignore Aquaman's skepticism.


      Gladiator has Superman's power set down to heat vision and super speed. Heck, we've seen Gladiator do things that post-Silver Age un-augmented Superman can't like destroying planets, moving planets, and being able to survive in stars. Yet Thor beat Gladiator when he said he would no longer hold back and Gladiator stated Thor was too strong for him. Why should evidence of Thor beating someone who has Superman's powers with even greater feats than Superman and no compunctions to hold back like Superman does be completely ignored? Why should Thor beating other Superman clones like Hyperion and Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) be ignored?

Wow, we're really down to this? Presenting Thor beating Supes clones as evidence? Really? Even when we saw Thor lose to the real deal? C'mon, man.

So this goes back to whether you believe Superman will always win. Is that what you're saying here? Because you're strongly implying this one fight dictates who the winner should be for all time.

    Yeah, no, it's actually very cool when the story supports your view so maybe I should say I have no negative emotional attachments. Why wouldn't BK think it goes without saying Supes should be #1? I would say that's fair based on JLA/Avengers.

So then it goes without saying that Thor should be above Galactus based on Thor #169, right?

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