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Subj: Re: Another Battle Scan: Superman vs. Darkseid: Action Comics #586
Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 at 01:18:02 pm EST (Viewed 188 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Another Battle Scan: Superman vs. Darkseid: Action Comics #586
Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 at 08:00:41 am EST (Viewed 245 times)


      Uh-huh. So if Ka-Zar fighting Thanos is included in Ka-Zar fighting real Thanos TPB, it unretcons Starlin doing so?
    It indeed would unretcon Starlin's doing so, but of course Marvel wouldn't do such a thing because pretty much everyone agrees that story is terrible and should have been retconned. Sometimes there are good retcons.

    Well then, you're quite in luck then because it is shown as such.


    Nowhere is it said that Thanos in this TPB is a clone.

Wow, do you never stop misleading? This is not a TPB that's titled Ka-zar vs. Thanos. It's just a collection of Ka-Zar stories that happens to include Ka-Zar fighting a Thanos clone.



        Darkseid getting hit by his own omegas is hardly a fair fight. Superman himself said if omegas hits him, he is done for.
      Of course it's a fair fight. In the Avengers movie, Iron Man absorbs Thor's lightning to amp himself to 400% thus using Thor's own power against him. Is that somehow unfair? Similarly, if Superman can use his speed and evade Darkseid's attack and then reflect it back on Darkseid, that's perfectly fair. That this keeps happening to Darkseid in fight after fight practically indicates that Darkseid's omegas aren't all that effective. As for how damaging they can be, they are all over the place. Sometimes they do nothing to Superman or Power Girl, here taking two shots, punching one of them away.
    No, it is not. It shows Superman can't beat Darkseid on his own and has to use Darkseid own power against him.

Using Darkseid's own power against him is part of the fight. It's a completely fair tactic that Darkseid himself has called fair.

    If you have any scan of Superman beating Darkseid without Darkseid getting hit by his own omega beams, do post them.

Given that Superman and Power Girl and even Thor have taken the omegas without much trouble indicates that you're overrating them. Look at the scans of these fights. Aside from the Action Comics fight, which you don't even think is the true Darkseid, Darkseid is not terribly affected when getting hit by them.

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