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Subj: Re: Third Battle Scan: Superman vs. Darkseid: Batman Superman #13
Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 at 05:43:10 am EST (Viewed 195 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Third Battle Scan: Superman vs. Darkseid: Batman Superman #13
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      That's the only time Superman has stalemated Darkseid and that Darkseid was powerful enough to defeat Jimmy Olsen with the power of every new God. He was literally defeating an entire pantheon.

    Superman has stalemated Darkseid plenty of times as Zvelf has already pointed out.

Is that so?


      Action Comics 638, New Gods 10, Adventures of Superman 495, Superman Confidential 8 and 10, The Legion 29 and Man of Steel 116. Darkseid defeated Superman repeatedly.

    And once again, your making stuff up.

Nice try.

    Action Comics #638: No, Darkseid did not win. Superman slammed into a blast of Darkseid's and fell (stunned, not KOed), but was still conscious as Darkseid boasted before boom tubing away. Superman got up right after that. Not a win.

Darkseid defeated Superman who was on his knees unable to do anything as Darkseid left with what he wanted. It's a win by any measure.

    They didn't even fight in AoS #495. Superman was summoned by Darkseid's finder beams, held helpless in a force field before being let go. Not a fight, not a win.

Superman was helpless against Darkseid aware of the omegas. An effortless win for Darkseid.

    MoS #116: After fighting some Parademons and Kalibak, Superman engages Darkseid in a fight. The dark lord manages to gain the upper hand, but doesn't win. All Darkseid does is slam Superman into the ground, then force him to look at his newest creation, the Entropy Aegis. Then Superman continues to fight Darkseid before he breaks away to go find Steel. Once again, not a win. That's strike 3, Motifian. Things aren't looking good for the case you think you've built up.

Darkseid incapacitated Superman long enough to lecture him and Superman ran away from omegas knowing he had no chance against them.

Another win for Darkseid.

    New Gods #10: After Darkseid blasts Superman with his Omega Beams, Superman withstands them (which surprises Darkseid) and remains standing as High Father convinces the Man of Steel that Darkseid is not the enemy. How is this a win for Darkseid?

Superman was incapacitated when he tried to attack Darkseid and Highfather had to stop Darkseid from killing him.

Another win.

    Superman: Confidential #8 and 10: After batting aside Superman like he's nothing, Superman rises back to his feet and rescues a woman. Where's the win? In issue #10, Superman takes two direct hits from Darkseid's Omega Beams. Even though Clark's costume is torn up, along with some bleeding, Superman never falls down and remains standing throughout the exchange. Again, not a win.

Superman runs away from Darkseid and that's not a win? Infinity Man straight up says that Darkseid is killing Superman.

How is that not a win?

    The Legion #30 (not 29): This is SuperBOY not SuperMAN and it's not even the mainstream version of the Man of Steel either. In their first exchange, Darkseid punches Superboy but he's still conscious. Thus, not a win. Later in the same issue, Superboy beats Darkseid with the help of the Legion.

There was a teenage Clark there whose powers were activated to rivaling Superman and older Darkseid immobilized him and Legion with a wave of his hands.

How is it not a win?

    In every single one of your named examples, you have failed to name even one legitimate defeat where Darkseid clearly won. All you did was make stuff up. Again.

Sorry man, plugging your ears and singing aloud doesn't changes what happened.

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