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Subj: Re: Fourth Battle Scan: Superman vs. Darkseid: Adventures of Superman #595
Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 at 10:31:59 pm EST (Viewed 211 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Fourth Battle Scan: Superman vs. Darkseid: Adventures of Superman #595
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        You're being misleading again. Brainiac 13 did attack Apokolips before the Superman-Darkseid fight and that did break the alliance, but that attack is not what weakened Darkseid. It was Brainiac 13's subsequent use of an energy tentril AFTER the Superman-Darkseid fight that caused "the flames of Apokolips' firepits burn low and fade."
      Brainiac tethered Warworld to Apokolips before Superman fought Darkseid.

    No, you're just talking about the attack that broke the alliance. The next page in WW #173 shows the energy drain tendrils that happen AFTER the Superman-Darkseid fight.

Brainiac had already pierced "heart of apokolips" and when Superman returns to Apokolips in AOS 595 it was shown as well.

It makes no sense for a tether to drain Darkseid.



        Omigod, your interpretation skills never fails to exaggerate your biases. After Wonder Woman and Raven help Darkseid regain his power, Darkseid gets ready to attack Warworld and Diana tells him if they destroy Warworld, it'll free Imperiex who will then try to destroy the universe. That doesn't at all mean Darkseid could destroy Warworld and Superman together easily or with one shot.
      So why would Diana asks for Darkseid to stop?

    Because it's the wrong tactic to take!

For what reason? By your logic Darkseid was no threat to Warworld, why stop him in that situation?


      And it was sundipped Superman who was operating above even skyfather level entropy aegis who was threatened by Darksied able to kill him.

    Making up more stuff again. Darkseid wasn't trying to attack Superman, just Warworld. And sundipped Superman was not above skyfather level. I guess now you're saying Darkseid's omegas are above skyfather level. Sheesh.

Superman was on Warworld there, he would've been killed with Warworld as well.

So first lets see how Normal Superman, Captain Marvel, Captain Atom and Wonder Woman were faring against mere hardlight constructs of Warworld.
Not great it seems. Entropy Aegis comes and oneshots all of them in one panel.
Now Warworld's tendril that was connecting to Earth. It was so strong that a suicide attempt by Maxima and Massacre was just enough to send a shiver through it.
Entropy Aegis severed it in one attack though. The tendrils healed back.
And even Themyscira thrown to the tendril barely caused any trouble to it.
Superman, Captain Marvel and Captain Atom were unable to do anything to it apparently, so they went in to divert B13's attention. So far so good.
Until B13 makes the tendrils a hundred times more powerful and even Entropy Aegis is useless.
Superman sundipped and effortlessly broke the conduits/tendrils magnified hundredfold in power when normal Superman couldn't take it on at normal level along with several top tiers.

Superman was at least powered up by a factor of hundreds.

I'm just saying what is shown in the comics. Nothing more.

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