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Subj: Re: MCU Captain Marvel and MCU Thor battle it out in the latest episode of WHAT IF
Posted: Fri Sep 24, 2021 at 09:20:47 am EDT (Viewed 162 times)
Reply Subj: MCU Captain Marvel and MCU Thor battle it out in the latest episode of WHAT IF
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In the latest episode of What If?, Odin never adopts Loki and so without Loki testing him through the centuries, Thor becomes a "frat boy" who constantly wants to party. When he brings the party to Earth along with Asgardians like Sif and frost giant Loki and a bunch of aliens including the Grandmaster, Nebula, Korg, and Howard the Duck (all voiced by the original actors), SHIELD gets involved. Korg accidentally injures Fury though so Maria Hill has to take over and she summons Captain Marvel back from space because she fears Thor's partying will destroy the entire planet.

Maria Hill says that one Captain Marvel punch is equivalent to ten nuclear bombs and that she should beat Thor. Carol starts the fight by punching Thor, who isn't interested in fighting. But then she punches him again when he's still trying to talk it out. Then he hits Carol and knocks her from Paris to Stonehenge in the UK. She lands against one of the stones and almost knocks it over, but she uses her super strength to steady it. Thor arrives and when Carol tells him to be careful around the landmark, Thor taps one of the stones with one finger and knocks all of Stonehenge down. This really pisses Carol off and she punches Thor over 5,000 miles from the UK to Monument Valley, Utah. Thor gets up like nothing happened.

They exchange numerous blows until Carol knocks Thor away. He uses Mjolnir to shoot lightning at her, which does absolutely nothing. I assume her power is still like the comics and she can absorb energy. Thor is surprised by this, and she delivers a huge punch that knocks Thor into the ground creating a giant crater. He gets up again and Carol tosses him through the air again. She starts punching him and she's sending him over the tropical Pacific now, apparently over Hawaii. They land in some storm clouds and fight some more. Then Thor knocks Carol back to Paris. She's only stunned for a second, but it's enough time for Thor to put Mjolnir on top of her and she's trapped. Thor then takes Mjolnir and walks away.

Carol goes back to Maria Hill who berates her, and Captain Marvel says if she uses her full power against Thor, it would create a giant crater in the planet. Darcy offers up North or South Dakota as collateral damage. Hill and Carol come up with a plan to get Thor to Siberia to finish him off. Thor is in Sydney, Australia, and about to slide down the side of the opera house when Captain Marvel blindsides him and knocks him to Siberia. Thor says, "I actually felt that one." They are about to clash again when Frigga appears as she was brought by Jane Foster. And that's the entire fight.

So there you have it. The MCU's big guns go head-to-head and more or less come out even. Captain Marvel was holding back some due to the potential for collateral damage, but Thor was clearly not fighting his hardest either as he never took the fight seriously. Carol looked better on points but part of that was because she was the aggressor while Thor didn't want to fight, and even despite that, he immobilized her in the first fight to technically win it. And the scale of the fight was planetary. They literally fought around the entire globe, starting in Paris and ending in Paris.

I thought the voice acting was fun in this one too. Some of these it seems like the actors are phoning it in or are just not used to voice acting.

Everybody here, particularly Hemsworth and Hiddleston, were having a good time.

I agree with the take on the fight. To me they were fairly even through most of it. Even at the end it is the classic the fight was stopped situation. They played up super strength, that is for sure for both.

I do agree that CM looked better in general, but that Thor was not taking it seriously either and was more than able to hold his own and even win the first round. It is clear that CM and Hill thought it would not take the effort that it turned out it would.

And the thing you left out is that they still were not sure if CM could do it. Hill was going to have the area nuked while they were fighting to kill Thor for sure. Or at least she thinks it would. She says CM would be fine, but it is more a throw away line that she did not really care.

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