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    That said, I thought the episode did a good job at keeping it vague enough and treating both characters with respect....much like the Thor vs. Iron Man vs. captain America fight in Avengers, and the Thor vs. Hulk fights

I think it's very clear from the fight being interrupted with no decisive winner that Marvel wants the MCU power hierarchy to be unclear. I do think it is clear though that Iron Man would have beaten Cap in Civil War had Bucky not been present and had Iron Man not been withholding from using lethal force. Likewise, in Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk looked all but beaten until the Grandmaster interfered with the fight. I mean, if the Hulk does a brutal ground-and-pound on Thor and Thor just gets up even stronger, then what else can Hulk do?

    I do think the choice in the MCU to try to make CM and Wanda potentially clearly tops is a questionable one. I also think Endgame did a disservice to Hulk, and never gave him the chance to redeem himself as a physical powerhouse.

Agree with Hulk not getting to shine more in Endgame, but I guess the writers thought it was enough that he was the one who brought back half the universe. This What If episode goes a long way toward saying CM and Wanda are not clearly the tops and that this kind of thing is debatable. I think Marvel recognizes it's to their advantage if fans debate the power hierarchy.

Yeah, when I referenced some of the fights, I meant more from a treating characters with respect perspective.

But yeah, I agree, it brings things back into reasonable debate territory.