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Subj: Re: Odin vs the Phoenix Force...
Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2021 at 03:04:31 pm EDT (Viewed 118 times)
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    The Phoenix Force, Rachel Summers fought Galactus with a part of the Phoenix Force power, Galactus and the Celestials are relatively the same power level and Odin couldn't effect the Celestials with the Destroyer armor. The Phoenix Force is in fact the embodiment of all lives in the Multiverse, so only Jean Grey in the White Hot Room as the Phoenix of the White Crown has ever been observed with it's full potential, even Rachel vs Galactus was only a small sample of it's true power. So while the Odinforce is powerful the Phoenix Force is multiverse and fundamental, it is just hampered by the host and the tie to the M'Krann Crystal, it is a Nexus of the Multiverse so the closer the Phoenix host is the more Multiverse level they become.

Are you sure about that? Really

I mean for 40 years we knew Galactus was the product of the union between Galan and the Sentience of the previous universe. Confirmed over and over again by various writers, omniscient narrators, in-universe by beings with cosmic awareness - and also confirmed to be a necessary agent of balance in the current MU.

But now the Big G is apparently a runaway herald of a universe-eating ink blob called Black Winter. .
Galactus is just a 20 billion year cosmic man-on-the-run these days who has his power easily stolen by Thor.

Nothing previously established holds any weight these days, Marvel editorial really needs to tighten up.