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Subj: Re: 5 Marvel Characters That Wonder Woman Can Beat & 5 She Cannot
Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2021 at 08:06:07 pm EDT (Viewed 86 times)
Reply Subj: 5 Marvel Characters That Wonder Woman Can Beat & 5 She Cannot
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1. Can Beat Wonder Man: Ultimately, these two would get along rather than fight. But if they had to go toe-to-toe then Wonder Woman would win. Although Diana did beat Simon in an arm wrestling match in JLA/Avengers, that victory is a hollow one considering his reputation of being one of the biggest jobbers in the Marvel Universe. It’s because of that, it’s entirely possible he let her win. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to support that idea, but when one considers his poor reputation as a jobber, it’s an idea that makes someone wonder...what if?

Regardless of who is stronger, Diana has far too much going for her to lose. Martial Arts, superior equipment and the speed to pull off an easy victory. Plus her feats are better than anything Simon’s got. Can he win, though? Certainly, but not the majority of the time.

2. Cannot Beat Thor: Despite evidence to the contrary, some believe Wonder Woman is either equal in strength or marginally stronger than Thor when this cannot be further from the truth. The Odinson has proven time and again to be stronger and his greatest strength feat is moving a portion of the Midgard serpent. Some who are better at math than I am have calculated the rough approximation of how much weight that was, which had been about equal to a third of the Earth itself. As for Wonder Woman? Her greatest strength feat is only moving a third of the Earth and even then she was struggling to do it. And on top of that, she had the help from Superman and Martian Manhunter at the time. This clearly puts Thor above her in terms of strength since he accomplished his strength feat by himself while Diana had help.

Then there is the fact Thor is more durable and his hammer has more powers one can shake a stick at. But surely Diana has that sword, right? Sure, it can split atoms in half and create an explosion. It can even cut through nearly anything. And yet, that’s all it does, nothing more. And somehow this sword is said, by some fans, to be more than a match for Mjolnir? A hammer that has a countless number of powers? I honestly don’t see how.

Thor has far more going for him than Diana does. But what about her speed advantage? That isn’t going to be a factor because Diana has rarely, if ever, used her speed on her opponents the same way Superman has (despite claims to the contrary, but apparently there is a misconception on what a speed blitz actually is). besides, Thor is well known to for being able to strike opponents who are normally far faster than him and being able to keep up with them in a fight anyway. Either way, speed won't be a factor because Diana has the bad habit of fighting every opponent she faces at normal speed.

It is also believed by some fans that Diana’s shield and bracers provide her with enough defense against Thor’s powers. But this is a misconception and it didn’t stop Storm from beating Wonder Woman by zapping her with electricity in DC Vs. Marvel (even if that was fan voted). Diana wears a lot of metal on her body and guess what makes an excellent conductor for electricity and lighting? Metal. So, in reality, Diana has nothing to defense herself against Thor’s lightning attacks, disorienting weather manipulation and masterful use of Mjolnir’s multitude of powers which he has used against many opponents that can eat her for breakfast.

There remains only two advantages that Wonder Woman has over Thor. That lasso of truth and her martial arts prowess. Both of which would mean she’s a serious threat and if Thor isn’t careful, he would lose. So it’s not as if Diana cannot win a fight with the Odinson, it just wouldn’t be the majority of the time.

Last of all, if this fight happens with modern Thor, who wields the Odinforce, then Diana doesn’t have a single prayer in winning this fight. The god of thunder killed himself! I don’t see Diana coming anywhere near accomplishing a similar feat. Not without some kind of power amp. Plus, the Odinforce clearly has put Thor far above his normal power level. So if Wonder Woman was a close match back then, she’s no where near it now. Movie versions or otherwise, Diana loses this one.

3. Can Beat Carol Danvers: Special circumstances or not, Carol did beat Thor. Make of that feat what you will, it still makes her a more serious threat to Wonder Woman than in times past. The fight, win or lose, would be a close one for either character.

But here is why Wonder Woman would ultimately emerge victorious. While Carol can absorb the kinetic energy from Diana’s punches and kicks to make herself a bit more powerful from each impact, she still feels the pain from those attacks. Plus, the little bit of energy she absorbs won’t be enough to make her go Binary.

Then there is the fact Diana has that sword, shield and lasso. Not to mention her mastery of martial arts. Carol is no slouch as a fighter, either, but she can’t hold a candle to Wonder Woman. It’s only due to how powerful Carol has gotten in recent years that this fight would be a lot closer than fans think. But in the end, Diana is just too good so Carol would go down in defeat to the Amazon warrior.

4. Cannot Beat The Sentry: Coupled with Superman’s power set, the Sentry also has a few additional powers that the Man of Steel doesn’t have. Bob’s feats clearly put him in a league of his own. And while he was defeated by Thor, it was only because the Sentry wanted to die. Upon being resurrected, he did fight Thor again and was clearly shown as the superior of the two. A later encounter with the Avengers, which included Thor, She-Hulk and Carol Danvers, he knocked them all aside with ease. Couple this with superspeed that is great enough to disorient even Thor, molecular control, teleportation, etc, (what power does he NOT have?) and Wonder Woman is toast. The only way for Diana to win this fight is if Bob wants her to. The Sentry has no weaknesses to exploit other than his mental state.

5. Can Beat the Juggernaut: As tough as the Juggernaut is and contrary to his own opinion, he’s been stopped on more than one occasion. The Hulk immediately comes to mind as one such opponent that has successfully stopped Cain Marko. But there is one other character that has managed to stop him too and make it look all too easy while doing it: Wonder Woman.

Believe it or not, the two actually did trade blows in Unlimited Access #1 and Diana easily defeated him without breaking a sweat. So as powerful as Juggernaut is, he’s clearly no match for Wonder Woman.

6. Cannot Beat The Phoenix: When it comes to Jean Grey’s Phoenix, the true question is: What CAN’T she do? By itself, the Phoenix Force is even more powerful than Galactus. With the power to destroy a planet with a snap of her finger, Jean would give even Darkseid himself pause. And the Ruler of Apokolips has proven too much for Diana to face by herself.

There is just no way for Diana to win this one. Not without some plot device or a major power amp. She wouldn’t even register as a serious threat to Jean who would easily mop the floor with the Amazon.

7. Can Beat She-Hulk: This fight would be a close one, especially considering how powerful She-Hulk has gotten in recent years. But Diana still has advantages that Jenny doesn’t. Wonder Woman is faster, has better equipment and can fly. The Amazon is also a better fighter even if She-Hulk is no slouch and would surprise her opponent during the fight with how good she is.

But at the end of the day, Diana is just too skilled, too good and her equipment would serve to be too much for She-Hulk to overcome.

8. Cannot Beat Dr. Doom: While Diana has beaten Sorcerer’s before, namely Circe, she has never faced anyone quite like Dr. Doom who combines magic with a technologically advanced suit of armor. Plus, knowing Victor Von Doom, if Wonder Woman existed in the Marvel universe then he would have likely studied her extensively from afar long before a fight happens between them. And being a master at prep, which enabled him to beat beings with godlike power before taking it for himself, this would spell disaster for the Amazon princess because he’d be more than ready for her.

Without any preparation before hand, Dr. Doom still takes it but the fight would be a LOT closer. His magical abilities give him too much variety to be beaten down by Diana and his tech combined with spells would be too much for Wonder Woman to overcome. In the end, Dr. Doom would be hurting but he’d claim the victory.

9. Can Beat The Thing: With such a limited power set, the Thing has heart but he’d be no match against Wonder Woman who is stronger, faster, has much better equipment since Ben has none, a way better fighter and can fly. If the Thing manages to get some blows in, and he certainly would, he’d be lucky to even hurt Diana. But it wouldn’t matter in the end because the fight would be a short one with Wonder Woman’s hand being raised in the air.

10. Cannot Beat Thanos: Regardless if Thanos has prep or no prep, Diana cannot match the cunning, strength and ferocity of Mad Titan who has faced more powerful opponents than the Amazon and emerged victorious. Sometimes entire teams. He’s far too smart, and far too good, to be beaten by someone the likes of her. Thanos would easily win this one. His list of victories and feats speak for themselves.

I agree with all of these, except for possibly the Sentry. Which of course goes back to his mental state. As a character, he's horrible. Her will to win and his complete lack of the same may allow her to put it down. For all of our sakes.

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