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Subj: Re: Captain Marvel (Carol) vs Green Lantern (Hal)
Posted: Wed Oct 13, 2021 at 02:40:51 pm EDT (Viewed 39 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Captain Marvel (Carol) vs Green Lantern (Hal)
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    Captain Marvel (Carol) vs Green Lantern (Hal)

    Two formers’ pilots with Cosmic Powers from an alien hero and members of the most powerful team of superheroes from his respective universes.

    Can Captain Marvel absorb all the Green Lanterns light constructs/blast/attacks?

Carol could certainly absorb Hal's energy blasts, but I doubt she'd think to absorb his constructs (but it's possible).

    She has the seventh sense, how would this play in their battle?

Wouldn't be a factor, IMO. She rarely uses it. Most writers forget she even has it.

    What happens when She goes Binary or does, she even need to?

IF she manages to go Binary, the fight is a lot tougher for Hal. But considering how powerful Green Lantern is, it's still a toss up on who would win.

    No Prep
    Location Mars
    Who wins and how?

Hal fashioned his own ring from his own willpower and the after-effects of that were felt throughout the galaxy. It was later revealed his ring is an extension of himself. He is the ring and the ring is him. When Kyle "The Alley Rat" Rayner once tried it on, he was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of willpower contained within it. Hal beat a Parallax possessed Sinestro solo (among several Yellow Lanterns at once) as well as blowing up Warworld.

Let's put that in perspective about beating a Parallax possessed Sinestro. Why is that such a big deal? Because he strikes fear even in the heart of the Spectre himself. While Hal was possessed by Parallax, he actually BEAT the Spectre. And Hal beat a Parallax possessed Sinestro while taking on multiple Yellow Lanterns at once.

Then there is beating General Zod while the Kryptonian was amped by the power of two suns and made it look easy. And before anyone denies this, the writer who penned the issue itself confirmed Zod was amped on his Twitter page so this feat is legitimate.

I could go on, but what's the point? Hal is in a class all his own. As powerful as Carol is at her base power level and as Binary, I just don't see her winning this one "at all". Hal is going to beat her before she even has a chance to go Binary and even then, that's no guarantee of victory even if she did absorb enough power to go Binary.

Hal wins.

Captain Marvel seems to be tailor made to take down ANY Green Lantern given her power-set.
One of her the most useful and remarkable is the ability to absorb and manipulate energy. She can absorb various types of energy, including common energy forms like electricity, and use that to enhance her own physical powers.
In addition to boosting her superhuman abilities, she can also project that energy from her hands. Her energy projection can be as intense as the force of an exploding nuclear bomb.
This energy manipulation is the basis for most of her power set, allowing for many aspects of her strength, durability, and flight. It also provides a small amount of molecular control that allows Captain Marvel to transform into her costume.
Mar-Vell usually absorbed energy from solar radiation, gaining power from the sun similar to Superman.
However, Mar-Vell and Captain Marvel can both use a host of different energy types to power their abilities, meaning they don't have to rely strictly on the sun. In one case, Captain Marvel even absorbed the energy of a fellow superhero, Spectrum, a superhuman who could transform into electromagnetic energy.
Their energy abilities have been used to simulate other powers, such as simulating telekinesis by manipulating the energy around an object. Energy manipulation and absorption have occasionally been shown to provide other powers, such as the ability to change one's size.
Captain Marvel's Kree conversion left her with sensory awareness far beyond the limits of an ordinary human. She developed a cosmic awareness and precognition that allowed her to sense danger before a crisis even started.
This was called her "seventh sense," though it remains unclear what her sixth sense is supposed to be. When she was still a split personality, this precognition of danger would prompt her to transform into Ms. Marvel.
In many ways, this cosmic awareness is similar to Spider-Man's "Spidey-Sense," but it also seems to provide her powers beyond the sense of oncoming danger.
Her precognition also makes her a formidable fighter, as she can predict an opponent's attack before he even makes it. As useful as this power is, it seems to be a watered-down version of Mar-Vell's even more impressive cosmic awareness.

Combine this these with her overall other powers she should be able to be even able to take on Hal and take him down by draining ANY GL ring and absorb any constructs or attacks to get even stronger.

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