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    So a curious turn of events ends with the Destroyer (hosted by Rocket Raccon) crash landing on Ego the Living Planet. They’re not happy to see each other.

    Who wins?

As with most battles involving the Destroyer, it depends on whether or not Ego has the capacity to damage it. I would say not, classically, but these days who knows. Even so, if the Destroyer starts delivering planet-splitting hits, Ego's going to be channelling his power to his defence more so than offence.

Ego has the power to shatter planets and stars (IIRC), so flip a coin, the writer can make either win.

If we were talking about the Destroyer at its best, I would give it heavy odds. If we're talking modern Destroyer, where it was said that Odin-level beings could 'shred it like tinfoil', then maybe not.

Like many beings introduced way back and which had a high starting point, the Destroyer has gone through eras where it was seemingly invincible, was over-used, had low points, and eventually was mainstreamed into an above-Thor but below-Odin type threat.

I agree. The Destroyer stock has plummeted quite a bit thanks to Aaron the Marvel-Butcher. That said, I can’t help but see Ego using his vast psionic powers to eventually take control and possess the Destroyer after overcoming the host within. And here cometh the Ego-Destroyer!

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