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Subj: Re: how republicans are born...
Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 at 04:54:25 pm EDT (Viewed 549 times)
Reply Subj: how republicans are born...
Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 at 02:03:50 pm EDT (Viewed 738 times)

    You know, no matter how frustrated I continue to get with the left, its stuff like this that reminds me that republicans are clueless.


    The constant inability to see that taxes (even if we don't like em) are not only necessary but helpful. Republicans seem to think gubmint is evil, even though you live in a democracy. Government might be annoying, my be incompetent, but at least it is a democracy and they (should) use your tax dollars to benefit you.

    I look at taxes the same way I look at a long queue in a shop. I might not want to stand in line waiting but I do it anyway, because if I don't wait my turn, society breaks down. that's part of living in a society.

    The simple fact that this guy thought he made a brilliant point shows an 8 year old's level of understanding of life.

It's a silly story, and it opens itself up to be mocked.

However, I think you misunderstand something about Grover Noquist. I don't know much about him myself, and have no interest in defending him personally, but your post is defending the need for taxes. From what I understand, he's not against taxes. He's against additional tax increases. If someone knows that I am wrong, please let me know, I am in no way a Grover Norquist expert.

On that idea...that we are taxed enough already, I think there is a valid argument to be made. If tax money were only spent on roads, police, courts, etc, then there would be no argument regarding the necessity of taxes.

But when money is taken from working peoples' paychecks to pay for the list below, then I agree there is a problem. If money can be spent on these ludicrous items, then it strengthens the argument that we are taxed enough, and that tax increases are not needed until spending for these items is first shifted to necessities.

- $2.6 million to teach Chinese prostitutes not to drink to much.

- $856K to train three mountain lions to run on a treadmill

- $560K to study shrimp running on a treadmill

- $170K to see if monkeys believe in the "hot hand" gambling fallacy

- $4.2 BILLION in bad tax refunds

- $4 BILLION to states for incorrect double billing of medicaid

- $471K to see if human women loved their dogs as much as their own children

Some of these may not be large enough to be convincing on their own. I admit to including some of the wacky ones to make a point even if the amounts were not catastrophic. However, there is wasteful spending of significant amounts. And the smaller amounts combine become significant.

If the government has money to spend to train shrimp to run on treadmills, and to give away to Chinese prostitutes so they don't drink too much, then Norquist has a point about taxes being sufficient at the current level. How can an increase be justified while wasting it in those ways? If a friend needs $50 and spends it on food for his family, then most people wouldn't mind. But if the friend spent the money gambling at the race track, most people would think twice before giving money to him again.

So...the argument isn't that taxes aren't necessary at all. The argument is that based on the current budget, and how taxes are being spent, increases aren't necessary.

I think you are also falling into the trap of personally insulting people because they have different political beliefs than you do. You said "Republicans seem to think gubmint is evil". The mispronounciation of "government" is frequently used to make someone look stupid and ignorant, or too lazy to speak properly. It also has racist roots. Racist whites would mock blacks for being on wellfare and eating "gubmint cheese", mocking how the racists thought blacks spoke. Insulting others is an avenue best not traveled. Intelligent people can disagree.

You're also framing your opponent's view in a skewed manner, making their view look poor without fair credit. It's not that republicans think government is evil. You're attributing a simplistic, dumbed-down idea to others regarding something which can be complex. You may disagree with the principle, but the view is that since government is made of men who are fallible, and sometimes prone to abusing power, it's best to keep governmental powers over others limited, and to keep those in government accountable to the people. You may disagree with that opinion, but I don't think it is at all fair to mock it with the phrasing you chose.

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