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Subj: Re: Pence Stands With Traitorous Trump!
Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 at 08:30:56 am EDT (Viewed 758 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Pence Stands With Traitorous Trump!
Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 at 02:19:01 am EDT (Viewed 677 times)

    As I said already. I was not a fan of Trump and and he is not doing a great job in my opinion. And unfortunately I cannot say how I feel about Hilary because it would upset the moderators and could get me banished. One thing I can say is Obama was a true statesman "in my opinion" and at least I enjoyed listening to his speeches to a degree. When Hilary even opened her mouth on TV I had to change the channel because I could not stand listening to her. That is as far as I will go since Hilary is all but gone from the spot light and yesterdays news and no need to keep bringing up something irrelevant now. It was unfortunate that this last election had what I consider 2 candidates that I did not want and I am happy it turned out the way it did but that does not mean it is a good thing. The one President I have to give the most praise to is Ronald Reagan for the way he lowered those outrageous 70% tax rates. I honestly do not care if 10% of people have 76% of the wealth. I am definitely not in that 10% but I still do not feel the government has a right to try to take away that wealth through higher rates. I do not think drastically lowering the rates on the wealthy is the answer but I feel it is high enough now and should not be raised. I do not care that only 1 in 487 people pay Estate taxes. It is unfair and raising the highest rate back up to 65% is just ridiculous like Hilary proposed. Do I feel people like Bill and Melinda Gates and others should give 65% of their wealth to the government when they die? Hell No. They should not be forced into giving most it to charity either to avoid what I consider out right highway robbery by the government. I personally know people who were severely hurt by the Estate Tax and I knew people who had to sell the family business to pay that outrageous 55% tax at the time that the deduction was way lower then now. It is easy for the other 99.8% of people to say the Estate Tax is perfectly fine but I bet people would think differently if they were in that 0.2%. I would be ok with it being like 20% top rate after a much larger deduction then now. If Trump can remove the Estate Tax or lower it or even make a law to prevent some future Democrat from raising it higher then I would be very happy with Trump. The best thing he can do is make a law to avoid it from being raised higher by any future president and hopefully lower it as well.

I am not really questioning your right to dislike the women as much as you feel is needed. Just for comparison though, I am not sure, based on what we knew in context, how it is possible for one to like Trump better. As he was usually guilty of whatever he was blaming others of too.

Those are ideological reasons and more abstract ones though. To be fair, nothing I could say would really change your mind on any of that, but I just wanted to put the context as to why things are that way and it does make sense.

I do find it a bit telling in a way.

Also, Trump cannot do really anything about tax policy. That is Congress. He can only make suggestions. And even Congress cannot stop a future Congress from changing a law about taxation. Not without a Constitutional Amendment, which could be changed with another Amendment.

I am not sure that it would suck that much to be in the 0.2%. As you still gained property and wealth you did not have before either way. And a fair bit of it to even fall under the gap in the first place. Given appreciation and the nature of the stuff it would be gained back in fairly short order.

IMO, worrying about the wealthy and their tax problems often is at the expense of more American's who are not in those categories.

I mean it is more concerning, IMO, that one of the things being kicked about in the Congressional tax talks is taxation of 401k plans. Switching them all to Roth plans is pretty much what Trump and the GOP are supposed to hate. Big government telling you how you are to invest and changing retirement strategies out from under people.

After already planning to scrap rules to help retirement plans anyway. To me, those should be bigger worries.

That and why should we worry about folks like Trump and his family getting major tax breaks in the first place? Other than an abstract sense of fairness does that lead to a loss of revenue and services that lead to a great deal more suffering.

I just have issues with abstract ideas of fairness potentially leading to major fights that involve hurting people that are not getting along as well all to make sure some guy somewhere pays less and pockets an extra hundred thousand that year.

Look Raist bunnies...
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