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Subj: Re: You do realize that Galactus' Annihilation capture retconned a clonable Galactus, right?
Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 at 09:52:39 pm EDT (Viewed 31 times)
Reply Subj: Galactus' DNA
Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 at 07:03:59 am EDT (Viewed 510 times)

    I know this is a lousy idea and one of Jim Starlin's worst concepts but as far as I'm aware it's still canon that Galactus has cloneable DNA.

    Given this, when Thanos subjected the captured Galactus to extensive physiological study in Annihilation, he had the opportunity to harvest a lot of his DNA and store it in a safe place should he ever wish to do some more cloning.

    I'm not saying I like the thought, but don't be too suprised if this storyline surfaces in the future.

Thanos himself revealed that biology isn't the source or method of storage for the Power Cosmic in Annihilation.

If this is the case, cloning Galactus DNA (a dubious concept for an energy being regardless) wouldn't reproduce Galactus...or his power.

Thanos and Annihilus on the nature of Galactus' power:
Thanos, "You asked for the biological application of cosmic power. But biology presumes flesh... there are cosmic entities that are not of biology, beings of inert matter or pure energy. Once imbued with cosmic energy, form adapts to function. Biology is the least of it. Life force, of the other hand, there are the answers we seek. We were blinded by our own arrogance--we are of biology so therefore cosmic energy must be of biology as well. Cosmic energy is not of biology."

Annihilus, "What then!? What else is there!?"

Thanos, "Call it what you will: aura, energy field, luminescence... call it a soul if it suits you. Cosmic energy is of life force, the singular energy that powers all life -- biological or otherwise."

Annihilus, "It bonds with our auras...?"

Thanos, "No. It replaces our auras. Cosmic power acts as an energy parasite, for lack of a better term. Once imbued with cosmic energy, the individual form adapts to accommodate its function. This explains why no two wielders of the Power Cosmic resemble one another except in the most superficial of ways. Galactus does not absorb cosmic energy into his form. He absorbs it into his life force, his aura. The aura feeds the biology, but the biology has NOTHING to do with controlling or storing the Power Cosmic."

I can't help but think Giffen wrote this explanation in direct response to Starlin's Galactus cloning. It genuinely seems tailor made to retcon the idea that cloning the "DNA" of a cosmic being will result in reproducing that being's power.

Nevermind the fact that a being whose "biology" consists of raw energy, of metaphysical property itself, should not even have DNA to clone and it's pretty clear Starlin had a real brain-fart.

It needs to be revealed that Galactus tricked Thanos into sampling DNA Galactus himself created to throw Thanos off from learning anything about his true nature.

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