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Subj: Re: Which Marvel cosmic character is the most marketable?
Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 at 07:59:29 pm EDT (Viewed 515 times)
Reply Subj: Which Marvel cosmic character is the most marketable?
Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 at 08:52:47 pm EDT (Viewed 579 times)

    Since Marvel's movies have been so successful, they are undoubtedly looking for additional characters to bring to film, TV, or cartoons. Personally, I'd like to see something from their cosmic genre. So who from the cosmicverse is the best candidate? I've heard buzz about a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but not if it would be the classic or modern version. Regardless, I would be happy with Starlord, Nova, or Quasar. Given the similarities to Green Lantern, Nova and Quasar might not be a great idea at the moment, so I'm pushing for Starlord. The classic origin story with the modern costume.


In terms of cartoon movies I think Silver Surfer, Nova, Annihilation and Quasar would make cool movies. If it were possible to market a show I would say Guardians of the Galaxy would be pretty darn fun, arn't they going to be in Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Does anyone know when the next half is coming out?).

In terms of live action movies I think any of them would be hard. I do not think GL is really a problem for any of them, even Nova for the reason that movie pretty much screwed up everything. All they would have to do is tell a good story and not worry about packing in every comic detail ever. I think that there is exposition where you tell the viewer what they are supposed to know and then the ability to have it fit with the natural flow of the movie. One of the major pluses of having an every man around in that sort of thing is after something happens the other characters have to explain, usually in passing what they did. OR better yet just work it into the story or flashbacks.

IMO, for Nova anyway and what could have for GL, would have been to establish alot of the origin in flashbacks so you are telling an origin story that has happened and we are seeing the final result of that. As these alien cultures can seem goofy so you are limiting exposure while they do stuff on Earth and if it goes well than there is always a sequel.

On a side note I think it is vital to make a character the audience cares about. GL failed totally at this. I like Ryan Reynolds but they tried to hard to make him Tony Stark from the Iron man movies, but never really had Tony's moment where he learned he was wrong about how he saw the world. Hal had all the women he wanted, a sort of love relationship with the bosses daughter that is the on again off again mold, he got fired, had a family that was a bit estranged but they cared for him, we got a flashback that his dad died, he gets a ring from an alien and his first act of using it is to beat up some guys that his actions did get fired. Yes, that is a hero we can empathize with, even as a fan of the character I thought it rough. IMO they could have just gone the route, sort of cliche but most comic films are, of starting the movie with little Hal and Carol watching Hal's dad flying and them talking and so on then have the plane crash while the kids were quipping, like it did in Johns origin tale.

That way it is not some random flash back while Hal is stalling. We get to see this little boy's world fall apart and feel for him, then cut to him in the plane and doing crazy stuff. That way it would make a bit more sense to have it brought up later in the movie, by anyone, because we all start with it and do not have to jam it in later saying oh and this. Feel for this character. Also Hal never really learned anything and seemed to be given everything. You could argue that for someone like Tony Stark to a point too but he still had a moment where he had to fight from nothing and get out and tried to make a difference. Hal came off as a cowboy before and a cowboy after. His attitude never changed at all. Tony was always arrogant but there is no doubt he did change and it affected everything he did after that point.

Sorry took it off topic. I think those would be vital to any comic film that has happened so far and what Marvel has done well, turned it into a formula actually, and DC has done so poorly at.

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