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Subj: Re: Can Someone Explain To Me Why If Thanos Is Immortal, He Keeps Dying? And the Elders Too.
Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 at 07:34:00 pm EDT (Viewed 410 times)
Reply Subj: Can Someone Explain To Me Why If Thanos Is Immortal, He Keeps Dying? And the Elders Too.
Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 at 06:07:02 am EDT (Viewed 546 times)

    Okay so I thought that Death banished Thanos from her realm after he died the first time. Yet he died in Annihilation, and from what I heard, he died AGAIN in the Thanos Imperative storyline (I haven't read all of it.). So how can he keep dying if he's immortal? And it seems to be the same case with the Grandmaster (One of my favorites as well.). He got killed by Baron Zemo and the Red Hulk. Shouldn't that be impossible? The Collector and the other Elders aren't very powerful (Aside from the In-Betweener and the Runner.), but the Grandmaster is a pretty big deal. So how come these two guys die if they get banished from the realm of death? Thanks. Also, did the Dire Wraiths get their powers back?

She did, but somewhere along the line he was let back in. The banishment was punishment for Thanos but later it was lifted so he could die. This last time in Thanos Imperative he was an agent of Dearth so he was to spread death more than anything to the cancerverse.

Thanos by default is immortal in that he will live for ever. He is really hard to kill anyway. The times he has died he has not been banished from Death's realm, simple as that.

Elder's are more iffy. They do not die that often that I recall but get defeated. Considering that Loeb was writting the Grandmaster thing I doubt he will be gone for good. The other Elders are fairly powerful in their own way. Collector can be very scary and so can Champion. Just depends not all of them are fighters.

BTW In-Betweener is not an Elder as far as I know. Ego was one for a while though.

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