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Subj: I think you misunderstand current editorial policy
Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 at 11:55:00 am CDT (Viewed 29 times)
Reply Subj: Thor #5 the Odin vs. Galactus battle
Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 at 01:21:12 am CDT (Viewed 677 times)

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Still haven't seen the entire battle yet. But what I have seen makes me wanna vomit. I can't believe Marvel would spoil the last fanboy wet dream battle like this. I mean Odin vs. Galactus was it. The final battle that would never happen. And it did happen. And it was a major let down.

Whether you are a Galactus fan (like me) or an Odin fan, you can't help but coming away from this issue sadly disappointed. After years of waiting and a terrible lead in via issue 4's telepathic massage, Matt Fraction proves to be just another terrible writer, in an apparent long line of terrible writers at Marvel. All the hype he gave this battle and in the end it starts and ends with a head butt. Yes I said a head butt. No, we were not graced with a battle that threatened the very galaxy and beyond. No battle that spilled into all the infinite planes of existence. Just a freaking head butt which causes he and Big G to crash into the earth.

A head butt that apparently used all of Odin's power, as he falls into the Odin sleep afterwards.

The previews for issue 6, which came out the same day as issue 5, show us Odin sending his spirit into the Destroyer armor for most likely another head butt. Maybe even a kick in the family jewels for old Galactus.

I should also mention that during the cosmic head butt of doom,Loki apparently removes the Cosmic Egg from the Destroyer armor.

Funny thing is that the battle would have ended here if the little bastard had not interfered. Only by removing the egg was Odin able to inhabit the armor to confront Galactus. Think about it, why would Odin inhabit the armor and risk Galactus getting the egg from it if he should defeat Destroyer/Odin?

Anyway, I hope Fraction will at least give Galactus some offense in this encounter.Galactus has yet to do anything. He seemed super pissed by the end of issue 5 so here's hoping.

Also, I really have to address the Surfer in this issue. All through out he is as defiant as his master. And by issues end he displays apalling cowardice. Begging Galactus to forget the egg and retreat.

On another board someone said Surfer is suppose to rejoin the defenders and Brevoort said it will be because of what happened in this story. I smell Surfer betryal number 2,143 about to happen.

All in all crap like this is why I stopped buying comics. I devoted so many years to this hobby I once it just seems to be a shallow shell of its former self.

Current policy is to invent spurious reasons for conflict (physical conflict that is - usually at the expense of organic narrative conflict) in order to sell "stories" that will rile fanboys.

Every "event" battle of the last few years, rather than leading to resolution and development, is written in such a way that the respective fanboys of each character can spend the next month screaming at fanboys of the opposite character that their "hero" won.

Instead of cogent, coherent stories that are lauded for characterisation, narrative and world-building, we instead have flimsy, ill-thought-out trash whose only aim is to reduce emotionally stunted fanboys into fits of rage on comic battle boards.

Viewed as such, this and previous issues have been a roaring success. Unfortunately this "success" brings with it deleterious long-term effects. Classic stories no longer appear, or rarely so. The last one I can recall was Annihilation (which, curiously enough, didn't play the above game).

No right-thinking person, perhaps curious about the contemporary western comic-book, would read some of the current Marvel boards and think: "Wow, I really must pick up that issue. it sounds interesting." Instead, they'll run for their life into the arms of some other form of entertainment.

The brief of comic creators at the moment is to maintain the profile of these properties before an ever diminishing and ever more raving clique of followers, whilst money is made from these intellectual assets through different forms of media.

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