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Subj: Re: Thor #5 the Odin vs. Galactus battle
Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 at 11:33:34 am EDT (Viewed 448 times)
Reply Subj: Thor #5 the Odin vs. Galactus battle
Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 at 02:21:12 am EDT (Viewed 667 times)

    Still haven't seen the entire battle yet. But what I have seen makes me wanna vomit. I can't believe Marvel would spoil the last fanboy wet dream battle like this. I mean Odin vs. Galactus was it. The final battle that would never happen. And it did happen. And it was a major let down.

Yes you have, you saw the headbutt. That is pretty much it. What happens after is a few panels of falling and stuch. Nothing more.

It was one of the biggest let downs I have seen.

    Whether you are a Galactus fan (like me) or an Odin fan, you can't help but coming away from this issue sadly disappointed. After years of waiting and a terrible lead in via issue 4's telepathic massage, Matt Fraction proves to be just another terrible writer, in an apparent long line of terrible writers at Marvel. All the hype he gave this battle and in the end it starts and ends with a head butt. Yes I said a head butt. No, we were not graced with a battle that threatened the very galaxy and beyond. No battle that spilled into all the infinite planes of existence. Just a freaking head butt which causes he and Big G to crash into the earth.

The telepathic battle was horrible. It made both these guys look really human and defeants the gradure of this sort of conflict. It takes talent to do that at least, remove all the wonder from such a fight as this.

The galaxy thing did not bother me much, as if you think about how big a galaxy is actually threatening them is sort of dumb even for beings of great power. The fact that folks did i a while back is more of a narrative tool to explain the scope but I think they need something to help.

It does show horrible ability to write a fight though. I am not a writter at all and could come up with multiple better things outright. Not sure how this mess got through.

    A head butt that apparently used all of Odin's power, as he falls into the Odin sleep afterwards.

Yup, dumb.

    The previews for issue 6, which came out the same day as issue 5, show us Odin sending his spirit into the Destroyer armor for most likely another head butt. Maybe even a kick in the family jewels for old Galactus.

We can hope.

    I should also mention that during the cosmic head butt of doom,Loki apparently removes the Cosmic Egg from the Destroyer armor.

Loki is honestly the only interesting character in a Thor title at the moment. Gillen is a very good writter, but seems like he is always fixing someone elses mess not so much paving ahead on his own.

    Funny thing is that the battle would have ended here if the little bastard had not interfered. Only by removing the egg was Odin able to inhabit the armor to confront Galactus. Think about it, why would Odin inhabit the armor and risk Galactus getting the egg from it if he should defeat Destroyer/Odin?

Had not considered that. I sort of wondered why Odin even put it in there to start with. Not sure if it would have blocked Odin from going into the thing or not though. Not sure that much is clear. But that would be interesting if it was the angle they took. Sort of like everything was working towards fate or something like that.

    Anyway, I hope Fraction will at least give Galactus some offense in this encounter.Galactus has yet to do anything. He seemed super pissed by the end of issue 5 so here's hoping.

Yeah, I think that is really dumb. He just stands there. Come on now. I mean standing there and just taking the shots from mortals is great, but if the other side can hurt you why so shocked when they try to keep doing so and not doing anything to stop it? They were not just standing right by each other so when Odin came at him were are the eye blasts and so on?

    Also, I really have to address the Surfer in this issue. All through out he is as defiant as his master. And by issues end he displays apalling cowardice. Begging Galactus to forget the egg and retreat.

Yeah, really really dumb. I mean I think the characterization of Surfer was fine at the get go. He wanted the egg for Galactus and for the lives it would save. That fits Surfer. And he seemed aloof from it all the whole time.

Then after Odin is apparently down and out and Galactus gets up Surfer begs Galactus to stop because they cannot win? How does that make sense? Galactus was holding the entire Asgardian force off save for Thor while he was fighting Odin. And tha was when he was mostly attentative elsewhere. Even if we assume Galactus is on Odin level than by default that means he can take out Asgard with a gesture. Without Odin they would have no shot against Galactus. Just like honestly withought Thor I do not think they could stop Surfer either.

There is also no reason for the change of heart and I really think it is jarring how out of nowhere this comes. So please someone correct me if I am wrong, but here I go on this. So Surfer starts out requesting the seed and Thor attacks him, basically saying you demand nothing of us. They scuffle and Odin stops it. Odin then knocks Surfer away. Surfer says that there will be war between the gods and Galactus and Surfer tells them to remember that they were the wants that wanted this because they did not give what was requested. Surfer goes and tells Galactus. The gods then meet and go out to war with Galactus.

Odin and Galactus fight, Galactus creates an army to fight the Asgardians. Thor gets a shot in on Odin (where is Surfer during all this because he does not do much until Thor hits Galactus. IF he was just fighting Asgardians why not show him downing them in bunches?). Surfer slasm Thor into Mars and the two fight on. They lock up and look like they are going to keep going when Sif shows up and tells them they have bigger problems. What in the world did she tell them? That Odin and Galactus were fighting and someone was winning or they were down. Did this shock any of them. Everyone saw them fighting. They talked about it.

So they fly off and we have a scene that makes no sense with Sif looking to be happy to be with Surfer and Thor glaring. What was the point of that scene? Surfer had never even spoken to Sif in the book. And why would she want to make Thor jealous? There was never a great set up for that and it just seems to be there to be there. They get to Earth and then we have the begging to stop. Why did Surfer change his mind, because Sif told them that both sides went down and at the moment Galactus looked to be going to get what he wanted? Wasn't that what the war was for at the get go. When Surfer said there would be war what did he think? Parcheesy for it all? The change of heart was not based on someone talking him into it, he just went. And his mindset was I will fight until the end to I must stop this?

It makes no sense at all. IMO the way to address this (in a way that makes sense) is Galactus is somewhat weakened by the fight and starts to bring his machines to feed on Earth. And Surfer rises to tell him that they gave their word that this did not concern Earth and so on. So that way he is defiant but at the same time obeying. So it creates a conflict within him that could be drawn on and forces him to choose between master and master and life. Because as it is it seems like Surfer changed his mind for the plot and then speaking for that plot came up with a contrived reason to want Galactus to stop.

From the get go it was Galactus and Surfer against Asgard and neither seemed worried but Surfer is worried after Odin falls? What? How does that make any sense at all?

    On another board someone said Surfer is suppose to rejoin the defenders and Brevoort said it will be because of what happened in this story. I smell Surfer betryal number 2,143 about to happen.

I had not heard that one. If that is true I will be furious and might consider it enough of a slight to the character to stop with comics. I like Defenders The Deep enough. And I love me some Defenders but I do not see why he would need to leave Galactus to do it.

IMO I have really likd the dynamic sense Annihilation with Galactus and Surfer together again. It made sense. And Surfer seemed to accept why he must do it but did not love it. But he could be on teams like Annihilators and such if Galactus had fed. It is not like Galactus has his herald do much but find worlds. Otherwise he just hangs out. And with how fast Surfer moves he could be whereever or for that matter a team member only when he can.

It is really really dumb. If he is going to betray Galactus again at least make it in a story important to Surfer. Make it be a big deal again. God it is getting old if he turns on him in a freaking Matt Fraction book. I mean come on. And what happened to Stardust?

    All in all crap like this is why I stopped buying comics. I devoted so many years to this hobby I once it just seems to be a shallow shell of its former self.

If what you said about Surfer is true than I would consider it honestly. I have handled alot of the crap, like the world eathers, Thor was going through and I love that character. Surfer I thought was getting a second good period because I really liked how DnA was handling the character as powerful beyond understanding and aloof and hard to understand. And that made me happy. The Pak mini was not good though and I had great hopes with the start of this but then this make little sense with the turn.

Again, why did Surfer turn again? A goddess tells him something and he does it. Talked it about being whipped with a bat of the lashes. She had time to what blink once?

I have liked some comics recently like Nova, GotG, Ghost Rider with Jason Aaron, Journey into Mystery is good but the main works that drive the universe are always seemingly given to hacks that are really pumped up friends of the ones in charge. It has gotten old.

Look Raist bunnies...
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