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Subj: Re: I think you misunderstand current editorial policy
Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 at 10:41:14 am CDT (Viewed 474 times)
Reply Subj: I think you misunderstand current editorial policy
Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 at 11:55:00 am CDT (Viewed 29 times)

    Current policy is to invent spurious reasons for conflict (physical conflict that is - usually at the expense of organic narrative conflict) in order to sell "stories" that will rile fanboys.

Seems that way doesn't it? I mean the misunderstanding fight is a staple of comics. That said it has and can be done better. If it makes sense two characters should fight than they should. It honestly is not that hard to come up with a reason. I did not think this was a bad one for Galactus and Asgard to fight honestly. I do agree with alot of events things are bad though. Usually it feels very contrived.

    Every "event" battle of the last few years, rather than leading to resolution and development, is written in such a way that the respective fanboys of each character can spend the next month screaming at fanboys of the opposite character that their "hero" won.

Most of them are that are just boring to tears. WWH pretty much was only a way to rile fans. The fight in Fear Itself was. Although in general I have liked Fear Itself. I feel like with many issues it is not being told well. To me it honestly felt like with older books with major events more got told in the span of one book that it does now and those main events still lasted seven issues or so. So the whole decompression of stories IMO is no excuse at all.

    Instead of cogent, coherent stories that are lauded for characterisation, narrative and world-building, we instead have flimsy, ill-thought-out trash whose only aim is to reduce emotionally stunted fanboys into fits of rage on comic battle boards.

I am not emotionally stunted!! At least I like to think not. I think arguing and debating is fun enough but some do go overboard with it. It is just a work of fiction in the end. Although I suppose when someone has been reading a character for most of their life there is a sort of bonding perhaps more akin to being a fan of a certain football or soccer team than anything else. And it is aweful dumb to get mad at that sort of thing as well.

    Viewed as such, this and previous issues have been a roaring success. Unfortunately this "success" brings with it deleterious long-term effects. Classic stories no longer appear, or rarely so. The last one I can recall was Annihilation (which, curiously enough, didn't play the above game).

I would agree. Although in general, although I did not like their events as much, I thought DnA did a grea job with their stories. And overall the events had good impacts and the same story went on in a somewhat logical manner.

    No right-thinking person, perhaps curious about the contemporary western comic-book, would read some of the current Marvel boards and think: "Wow, I really must pick up that issue. it sounds interesting." Instead, they'll run for their life into the arms of some other form of entertainment.

Agree. Although conflict does drive the sales I guess. It is very hard to start reading comics in the normal MU proper. There is just not a place for it honestly.

    The brief of comic creators at the moment is to maintain the profile of these properties before an ever diminishing and ever more raving clique of followers, whilst money is made from these intellectual assets through different forms of media.

That is true. And at the same time they like to deride their base by saying they do not cater to fanboys as it were. Which I always found funny considering anymore that is what they are good at.

Comics are sort of a dying art and there are alot of reasons for it. Some that the companies cannot control but they are not doing themselves any favors at all.


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