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Subj: Re: I think you misunderstand current editorial policy
Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 at 09:58:28 pm EDT (Viewed 474 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I think you misunderstand current editorial policy
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    < love a good argument and debate too, but when a character who is 13.75 billion years old, who is brother to Infinity, to Eternity, to Death once again >

    nd he was asleep in his incubator until found by a Watcher , so how many billion sof years was he sleeping?

True but this has sort of been retconned. Although never exactly in a fully explanatory way. For instance in Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus Silver Surfer we have Galactus telling the story of the Promial gods. The promial gods helped guide creation and sometime not long after it was born and physical law set in they realized they were not needed anymore and raised war. Around this time they brought war to Galactus and lost.

So does that mean that they were doing their job for billions of years? Does this mean Galactus woke up sooner? To me the later is more likely as Galactus is to have done alot of stuff nearer the start of his being in dealing with universe and balance. As things were not as set. So it seems like this incubation time is being shortened although again not in an origin rewrite kind of way.

That Watcher was also something of an exception if you saw the Last Galactus story. Being by far the most powerful of his race and so on and so forth. But he did watch him, that is for sure.

    Byrne's trinity idea was used by him and followed up a few times in the early parts of the Sufer series, botjh a long time ago, - other than that - the Marvel U pretty much ignores it.

I am not sure that they ignore it. It was ackowledged alot in Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four and a few other places. Eternity and Death always looked at Galactus as a brother of sorts throughout the years. Even up to the Abrax saga Galactus was said to be the balancing point between life and death. So it is not like it has been tossed aside in some throw away line decades ago.

Not to mention that it has been acknowledged by the more modern cosmic writters too in interviews and statements when they are asked. The thing to keep in mind is how often does such a thing carry much importance in the story. For it to be brought up at all a being would have to know about Eternity and Death, cosmic balance and then think of Galactus as anything but a thing to be stopped at all cost. Many of the stories he has been in more recently have him as a physical force with more to him than that but at the same time he is not talked about with Eternity and Death simply because there has not been cause in the story.

It is still acknowledged however. Annihilation was one of the more recent times. At least in a direct manner.


    you do realize that G is an umaginary character - at lest Odin hs a real myth

This is sort of meaningless throw away statement. Both are imaginary. What is a real myth?

Anyway to me it is more of a reason to have a guy like Galactus be more powerful. He is a pure creation of Marvel. Most other comic universes have an Odin running around doing stuff. They do not have a Galactus. Since he is unique to Marvel. He is sort of a living god and the story is always unfolding until the end of time. Which I find to be really interesting. A universal god and all of that. I like myth and all but just because people know that in myth there is a guy name Odin does not intrinsically give Odin much more value. Besides it is not like Marvel Odin is that close to myth Odin anyway. The marvle gods are fairly different but similar.

Look Raist bunnies...
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