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    The Wraiths appeared in Annihilators. I can't comment on the conclusion of the story because I read one issue, was appalled at how bad it was, and swore never to buy another one - but if you want the exact details of their return, look there.

It was ok. Basically they go to wraith world to find the dire wraiths are really hurting and blame their queen who they tare up. I am not sure that I remember a whole lot else save for the fact that the Annihilators merge the black sun and the normal sum. I will have to check again. I liked it more than most people do but my lack of memory on it makes it fairly clear that it was a ho hum story since it was not that long ago. I do hope that Earthfall is better.

    PS The Rocket Rackoon/Groot backup strip however is awesome.

A villain named Doctor Dredd (first and only seen back in ROM and was killed in ROM) appeared and learned how to basically tear rifts into space. He then tears a rift in Galador's sun that starts to bring the wraith's Black Sun out of limbo.

This of course cause major problems with Galador and the Spaceknights. Queen Brandy Clark was accused of collaboration in this as she was desperate to get her lost husband, ROM back. However she was innocent.

The Wraith Queen had somehow never been banished to limbo (go figure) and she wanted her people back and was suffering without them. It turns out this Dr. Dredd is a SKRULL and we get reminded in this series that the Wraiths are evolutionary offshoots of the Skrulls (reference ROM #50). The Skrulls want to reempower the wraiths and enslave them.

However the Annihilators journey into Limbo and briefly face Immortus and his forces until Immortus gives Quasar a pep talk and lets them take Wraithworld out of limbo. This was done since they needed to stabilize the star system and the end result is that half the sun is normal the other half is the Black Sun of the Wraiths and Wraith World was installed into a geo synchronus orbit with Galador so that both planets remain intact and each on their respective side of the dual sun now. This was the only way to stabilize the situation without massive destruction, etc etc.

At the end a treaty was ratified between Galador and the Wraiths, they will return to Wraithworld in peace to live their lives but Galador will be watching them. Also of course, no mention at all of ROM or his fate.

So yes the Wraiths are back and supposedly repowered thanks to renewed exposure to the Black Sun BUT they are pale shadows of what they once were and at this time do not desire conflict.

ROM's sons that first appeared in the Spaceknights mini series were not in this series, and one of them was shown in one of the Annihilation series but hasn't been seen since. This is particularly bad since this particular son, Tristan the Spaceknight Liberator was able to bond with the legendary neutralizer that ROM wielded. If Liberator is gone, so is the Neutralizer which was always said to be the greatest weapon of Galador.