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Subj: Re: Ultimates 4 Galactus Celestials and Multiverse
Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 at 08:52:35 am EST (Viewed 12 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Ultimates 4 Galactus Celestials and Multiverse
Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 at 05:05:27 pm EST (Viewed 418 times)

    how they said it, Galactus is a survivor of the previous big crunch caused by the Dweller into Darkness with the Mkrann crystal that destroyed the entire 6th multiverse, and so his origin is multiversal, being imbued with the soul of the previous Eternity, but the braching of the 7th from the origin point probably split him into as many versions as needed, while still having his same "soul", the power cosmic who should be the same in all the universes... then he survived the end of the 7th (i think by sleeping through it in the Guardians storyline), so any new branching would restart from the survived universe and its embodiment of Galactus.

    from what i remember, there was a kind of Multiversal link to the "original" Galactus in the Abraxas saga from F4, with the other Galactus being lesser aspects that Abraxas could kill with impunity, while the resurrected "original" Galactus treated him as a lesser threat. That Galactus was also conceptually fused to the Ultimate Nullifier, it was "part of him like his own heart". So i think there is a precedent for a "multiversal" concept of Galactus based on that... the Lifebringer, being the ultimate form of a Galactus finally deprivated of his hunger, should be it's most perfect and "abstract" aspect, the potential of what Galactus is meant to be in the end... i see it as kind of like "the One", the power of an abstract is limited by the sharing it with aspects at the same time, so if there are many at the same time they are singularly more beatable, if the concept is rappresented by a single one the power is more focused. Or if the concept is more fully represented by a specific version, i would expect the most representative one to be the "main" one

Two details...

1. That storyline said Eternity made sure that every timeline had a Galactus. So that implied already that Eternity was multiversal and Galctus was more universal.

2. supposedly 616 Galactus having been killed off earlier had opened the door for Abraxas running amok. Every timeline had a Galactus (per that story) to keep Abraxas away. I think Hickman's work also sort of implies that if Galactus isn't around something bad happens to that universe he dies in. (although in his stuff I think the timeline got erased or Rabum Alal arose or something)

    Eternity is the one that is more than any other abstracts usually split in universal and multiversal aspects, but i think all Abstracts basically would have to work that way by design, even the Living Tribunal was killed by the Beyonders by splitting him and killing all his universal avatars at the same time. In some universe maybe their body or power is different, but the M Body of the abstracts is just a conduit of an abstract force that is the same in all the multiverse. The chained one seem to be the Multiversal one, while "inside" the universal versions can "look" free and act to some extent (we saw them in the Starbrand short lived comic and in Silver Surfer, i think)

    i suppose the only reason why Chaos and ORder could become with the imbetweener this Logos multiversal entity is because they murdered the Tribunal, conceptually taking his place. it's a meaning based fight, when abstracts get down to it after all.

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