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Subj: Re: With This New Cosmic Order, Does Anyone Know The Status Of Characters Like Oblivion Or Infinity?
Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 at 10:11:19 am EDT (Viewed 396 times)
Reply Subj: Re: With This New Cosmic Order, Does Anyone Know The Status Of Characters Like Oblivion Or Infinity?
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      Okay, sooooooo, I read the Hickman Avengers issue with The Beyonders killing all of The Celestials, the Living Tribunal, Eternity, Infinity, Lord Chaos and Master Order (And I THINK the In-Betweener, too.). BUUUUUTTTT, they all appear to be back now and the cosmology seems to be changing in The Ultimates. I'm a HUUUUGGGEEEE cosmic fan, especially of the old Jim Starlin stuff, and a fan of characters like The Elders, Warlock, The Stranger, etc. So, since we seem to be getting the cosmic characters back and they seem to be getting killed off all over again, do we know the status of characters like Oblivion or Infinity? Oblivion is very important to the cosmos and the cosmic mythology, so certainly he should either be involved in this, or getting killed off. And how about Infinity? Did she come back to life too, or is she still dead? How about characters like The Stranger, Chronos, etc? I'm not sure that I understand how everything is the same again, but since it is, can anyone clarify this? Thank You.

    As part of its experimenting, the Beyonders destroyed the entire Marvel multiverse until all that was left was Battleworld, a collection of various pieces of the multiverse assembled into a single planet by Dr. Doom, who had destroyed and stolen the Beyonders' powers \(\*\) . Actually, the Beyonders' powers were stored in the Molecule Man like a battery. Beyonder-powered Doom beat both Cyclops with the Phoenix Force and Black Panther with the Infinity Gauntlet but then Reed Richards cut Doom off from Owen Reece and defeated Doom. Reed, Sue, Franklin, and Valeria then started recreating the multiverse with Owen using Beyonder power and now we have its 8th iteration. The "Prime Earth" universe is nearly the same as the 616 universe except for the addition of some alternate universe characters.

    Like Reverend Meteor stated, things are in flux but you can assume the cosmics who were alive before Hickman's story line are alive now except for what we've seen in the Ultimates story line where several have been killed. Speaking of Starlin, whose writing jumped the shark some years ago, he wrote some graphic novels which may or may not be in continuity. In these Adam Warlock or some alternate universe version of him gained the power of Eternity and Infinity when that Warlock's universe was destroyed. Then this Warlock accidentally destroyed another whole universe and had to beseech The One Above All to restore the universe. In return, this Adam Warlock became the Living Tribunal. Since there can only be one Living Tribunal, it was apparently Adam Warlock-Living Tribunal who was killed by Logos, the combined Order/Chaos/In-Betweener entity. Thus, Al Ewing quickly ended Starlin's latest monstrosity. Oh, and in case Adam Warlock appears again, that's because Warlock-Tribunal recreated "human" Adam Warlock and sent him on his merry way with Pip the Troll.

    Anyway, you should just read Ewing's Ultimates #1-12 and the current run too and you'll see cosmics galore.

    \(\*\) Actually, there were some others who survived outside of Battleworld: a Silver Surfer story line involved the Shaper of Worlds trying to recreate a new universe and a host of Celestials had also escaped into a pocket dimension.

Was he the LT that was killed by Logos or was he the one killed by the Beyonders? I get confused where his stories were proported to fit in. As that whole thing was sort of happening during the lead in to SWs.

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