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Subj: Re: Speaking Of, Whatever Happened To The OTHER Heralds?
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    ...Lifebringer Galactus. I don't think that he has previeously been shown outside of Ultimates. I'm not surprised since Ewing has been referencing events and characters from Slott's Surfer. It seems that the two are keeping their two cosmic titles in sync with one another.


I would rather not have Galactus show up in every other book really. It is nice he is in Surfer. Since that makes sense.

Especially Firelord. He's one of my favorites. I was especially disappointed that (To my knowledge.) he hasn't appeared since Annihilation, because they seemed to have built him up and he was a big part of that event. I know that Terrax came back to life, what happened to Stardust? To my knowledge, all of the other Heralds are dead.