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Reply Subj: Did Galactus remove Terrax's telepathy?
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When the Fantastic Four came to Terrax's world and conscripted him into Galactus's service which surely lead to the deaths of billions they met Terrax's people who were telepathic. Why has Terrax never shown this ability? I think the alternate timeline Terrax in Hickman's New Avengers talked telepathically with Black Swan...but the story implies she's the telepathic one not him.

Did Galactus remove a power from Terrax because it didn't serve his purposes?

Apparently, contrary to other Landlaks, Tyros' mutation gave him the unique ability of geokinesis instead of telepathic communication.

He felt different and had no compassion like the other members of his species. He was the equivalent of a psychopath on their world and that's why he became a dictator.

NB : it is more than likely that their telepathic power was actually forgotten by the writers but it is the most simple explanation that I could think about (Ockham's razor, etc).