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      I'm hoping Nebula is being set up for something bigger. If this is the last we see of her that's a shame. I assume she'll be in the Avengers movies Thanos is in.

    Yes, I have the same feeling about Nebula : it will be used as one of the cliffhangers between the GotG V2 movie and the first Avengers Infinity War movie.

    Actually, I think that her departure at the ending of GotG v2 forecasts her future death at the hands of Thanos during the Infinity War.

I'm fine with her dying. But I want her to take the Infinity Gauntlet for a test drive first.

I really do want her to get some measure of revenge on Thanos before she kicks the bucket. Seeing Thanos lord his triumph over the heroes gets old and the heroes brining him down the right way gets dull. Nebula's the only one whose really going to go for the hurt. Everyone else may disagree but her getting the Infinity Gauntlet was the high point of that series for me. Thanos beating the heroes and the heroes being heroes bored me silly. Petty small minded Nebula getting her revenge for being Thanos's pinata was fun.

    Regarding Gamora, it will provide the necessary pathos & motivation against her adoptive father, mirroring Peter Quill just killing his biological father in the GotG V2 movie.

They've got her in that sweet spot between hardcore villain and redeemed ally where morally gray characters in serial dramas or movie franchises thrive.