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      I'm assuming most did not in fact kill children...or deliver them to others to be killed. But I grant with Gamora I can't say that for certainty. But I wouldn't like the character any more for sure if that came out.


    In the movies, the characters of Gamora & Nebula are written as former child soldiers.

    It is implied that Nebula was amputated by Thanos each time that Gamora won against her. So, the death of other children might be possible.

And it is also likely that they did not kill children directly either, but they likely made orphans out of some. Yandu did not kill the kids himself but facilitated it for sure. If he would not have done it than somebody else would have.

So, he was doing a bad thing for sure. However, the question would be how long before he knew what Ego was doing did he decide to say no. Did he just find out with Quill and said no. Or did he find out early on?

If he was just taking all these kids out there than he probably did not ask many questions if he was getting paid. Given Ego is an immortal entity it is not like the number of potential kids he could have had was going to be small.

That also matters. It is more murder if he knew what he was doing. If he was just bringing them to Ego and did not know it is not quite as bad.

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